World of Warcraft: Complete Death Knight Guide

Via World of War: "I've put together a complete guide of all the quests and activities players go through when they make a Death Knight. There's around 5 hours of play before Death Knights join the rest of us on the regular servers, and it's all been documented and captured in screen shots.

Blizzard has done a great job thinking up unique ways to introduce a player to a new character, and ensuring people stay entertained through the whole experience. There are several new game mechanics in this part of the expansion alone, and players will definitely not be disappointed."

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Maticus3647d ago

I think everyone who plays WoW will make a DK. The starting quests are brilliant.

Montrealien3646d ago

You know, I've been playing WoW since the Open Beta and I will be pushing my Paladin to 80 before I ever touch a DK, just my plan though, many other will choose otherwise.

PhantomMD3646d ago

I plan on getting my Warlock to 80 before making a DK ...I put to many hours into him to just walk away.
I cant wait the expansion looks excellent!

Xi3646d ago

When the xpac comes out, but I really hope they introduce some decent looking armor for "rouges", the last tier of armor is sad... literally.

Maticus3646d ago

I've seen a preview of the next Tier armor, and the Rogues' set is Sick. There's tentacles flicking out periodically - so cool.

KillaManiac3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

But I am going to Warhammer Online...

I do however think the DK will be overplayed. Just because its a awsome looking class.

And also the fact that all my 70 epics I works hard for will be COMPLETELY useless now...really ticks me off. Its another BC all over!

stry3629d ago

Very nice guide. There's also a Death Knight guide with map locations at