In a Fragmented Market, PC Games Lead the Way

In today's market the dedicated video game systems are only one piece of the equation. In terms of revenue, the largest single platform worldwide for 2007 was the PC. On a global scale, the PC as a gaming platform has maintained strong growth for some time. DFC estimates there are over 260 million PC gamers worldwide, and that should grow to close to 350 million by 2012. Of course, many games on the PC are available for free and it has always been difficult to generate revenue from the PC game market. However, as mentioned, DFC Intelligence estimates the PC gaming market is the largest single game segment on a revenue basis and it is expected to grow 80% over the next 5 years. On a worldwide basis the PC gaming market (including online game revenue) accounted for nearly 30% of interactive entertainment software revenue in 2007. Of course, that does not include all the PC hardware sales that are generated from gamers.

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Le-mo3405d ago

B..b...but PC gaming is dead. :)

BobDog3405d ago

its just the way he worded it, its to grow by 80%, not to 80%

so it will grow to 54% of all software sales, still seems abit unrealistic, with pc, who pays for games these days?

kevnb3405d ago

is a phrase that should never be used again. No matter what your point is, I have to disagree now.

Gorgon3405d ago

PC gaming is not dead. There's 250 million people playing Poker online in Facebook at this very moment.

jamilion3405d ago

What the hell? Am i reading this right?

Gorgon3405d ago

Yes, the Sims sell really well.

dktxx23405d ago

There are not 260 million pc gamers. A pc gamer (as far as game developers are concerned) is someone who buys retail priced games on a consistent basis. Playing Pogo and solitaire does not make you a pc gamer.

Montrealien3405d ago

says who? I think someone playing a "game" of solitaire is as much a gamer as you or me. Granted, they are not the same kind. People with a vested interest in gaming as a whole need to get off their high horses and accept the fact that gaming covers everything from Luxor to MGS4.

Hardcore gamers and Casual gamers fall under the same category, gamers.

dktxx23404d ago

I mean that someone who plays solitaire or pogo isn't going to spend money on games like unreal or half-life. They're technically gamers, but they're irrelevant to video game developers who develop full priced retail games. And that's where there money comes from.

Omega43405d ago

I bet that isnt even that impressive when you consider the install base.

I wonder what kind of software they are talking about because Crysis was the best PC game in 2007 and that sold poorly

Seafort3405d ago

Crysis wasnt the best pc game in 2007. It was just the one with the most press coverage and the highest specs to get the damn game to run.

The Witcher or The orange box was probably the best pc game of 2007.

kittoo3405d ago

And it will keep selling as people buy better hardware and more graphics card come out, people will buy just to see how it plays....
in its lifetime, it will sell 3-4 million I am sure.....

Gorgon3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

"I wonder what kind of software they are talking about..."

They're talking about The Sims or Poker online on Facebook. PC gaming isn't dead, far from it, but it sure has changed.

TheColbertinator3405d ago

Its true that PC owns.Even the 360s best shooters like Bioshock,Halo,Prey and so many others find their way to PC also.By combining the 360s best shooters with games like STALKER and Crysis,PC leads the way

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