Murder Charge Against North Carolina Cop Accused of Killing Teen Who Allegedly Stole PlayStation 3s Nixed

Officials dismissed a murder charge Tuesday against a sheriff's deputy accused of shooting an unarmed teenager who authorities believed had stolen video game consoles, after a grand jury foreman said he had checked the wrong box on the indictment paperwork.

The dismissal came a day after New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David announced the second-degree murder charge against Cpl. Christopher Long.

David said Monday that the 34-year-old sheriff's deputy opened fire as police raided the home of Peyton Strickland, who police believed stole two Sony PlayStation 3 video game consoles from a college student in Wilmington...

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Silver3604389d ago

WTF is wrong with cops that they like shooting unarmed young men

96impala4388d ago

I want to take a moment of silence...tap the forty, pour out a little liquor for the two homies that lost their lives in this random act of police brutality. as i sit here in a daze a song comes to me...It's soooo harrrrd to say goood byeee to yesster dayy ayyy ooooo ooo yeaaaah errrr yeahhhh. Peace.

96impala4388d ago

slowly raising arm, with a stern look on my face arm now fully extended fist in the air, we can't let the man keep us down. See we didn't land on plymouth rock plymouth rock landed on us. Fight the power.... what kind of country is it when we aren't even safe enough to steal gaming consoles...fight the power my people.

MicroGamer4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

Not only did this cop go in with guns blazing, but he went in and headshotted the dude. Headshots are not usually accidental. Also, cops are supposed to be trained to wound first and only kill as a last resort. This cop should have been charged with murder.