Gamemanx Podcast Episode 3: "Too Hard On Reggie" Edition

For episode 3 we have new guests, Spacebarz, and Black Attack from the forums. More talk on upcoming Nintendo games and Nintendo's strategy in general. Were we too hard on Reggie? Talk about Playstation 3's new trophy system. We talk about PS2 classics like God of War, Metal Gear Solid series, & Red Faction. Control pads vs. arcade sticks, Evo 2008, looking back at Grand Theft Auto IV reviews.

New Games discussed: Galaga 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Street Fighter IV outfits, Street Fighter HD Remix, Wipeout HD seizures, Soul Calibur IV.

As usual we have our thoughts on recent game news, and talk about what we have been playing.

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Creepa at GameManx3675d ago

Nintendo got smashed like hell...

Playstation Man3675d ago

for having a crap E3 showing and ignoring and at times insulting the hardcore gaming audience. Also, Reggie comes off as a spoiled child whenever he talks.

Creepa at GameManx3675d ago

hell yea

LoL @ Talon saying F*ck Reggie doing the podcast