Photo printing service coming to Wii

Fujifilm Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd have collaborated to launch a new photo printing service exclusively for the Nintendo Wii gamers. The "Wii Digicam Print Channel" is available only to Japanese Wii users and lets them upload images from SD cards to receive customized photo products like prints, business cards and photo books.

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Darkiewonder3709d ago

This is awesome. One more reason for me to get rid of my computer

psycho3603709d ago

Dont know if you meant it with sarcasm or you're a plain fool heheh /jk

So once you get rid of pc then you'll be just using wii to browse web pages and come on n4g to fight with fanboys. So does wii support keyboard/mouse otherwise you'll have hell of time wriggling your hands to just type the URL.

Darkiewonder3708d ago

actually it does support keyboard for the browser. not sure about the mouse.

ofx3603709d ago

This is as useless as the printer option on the ps3. But i guess more features isn't a bad thing

Solid_Snake6663709d ago

but it there and it dont hurt to have an extra feature

danofpaco3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )


They lose me as a fan more and more with each lame announcement. I will wait to see what their next console brings before I swear off being a Nintendo fanboy, but I'm not holding my breath.

NinjaRyu3709d ago

or does nintendo keep add features to the Wii that feels somewhat useless!(Then again that's just my opinion!)

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