New Images of [JRPG] X Edge for PS3

Here are some new images of Compile Hearts' PlayStation 3 RPG X Edge, the game features characters from Capcom, Bandai Namco, Nippon Ichi, Idea Factory, and Gust.

Here is a list of confirmed characters

* Disgaea - Etna, Prinnies
* Darkstalkers - Morrigan, Felicia, Demitri, Lillith
* Ar Tonelico - Aurica, Misha, Shurelia, Lyner
* Mana Khemia 2 - Roze, Lillane, Whim
* Atelier series - Marie
* Spectral Souls - Mue

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Playstation Man3498d ago

Than some devs in Japan must be asked what the hell they think they're doing. Look, I can live with Disgaea 3 due to gameplay, but this unproven concept is going straight up SNES visuals. Come on! Push the PS3 a bit! Spend some freaking money!

Real gamer 4 life3498d ago

This must be a joke! I mean come on!

TOSgamer3498d ago

They might as well put this game on PSP or PS2 because those systems have a larger install base. I really don't know why they would put this on a PS3 if you're just going to use simple low res super deformed sprites.

gambare3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

the pic are awful, you have to check the game and the HI Res pics, the game looks great.

too bad I couldn't find more but the game mixed 2d and 3d sprites in a 2d environment pretty much like the first Valkyrie profile

the sprites are hand draw and the animations seems to be pretty fluid, the 3d environments are set in a 2D composition, but the low res pics don't do justice to the game :/

mfwahwah3498d ago

Gameplay > Graphics. By far.

Playstation Man3498d ago

Gamplay > Graphics but man this is just taking it too far. Look, I can ignore something like poor textures in FPS mode present in Siren cause the game LOOKS Next-gen and Plays incredibly good.

This though? This doesn't look next-gen at all and never tries to be. I mean really, I can stomach Disgaea 3 in an empty RPG market, but too much of this isn't acceptable. Move on with the visuals. You can do that with the PS3 without sacrificing the gameplay.

In this case: FACT.

KettoKamisori3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

@ mfwahwah

It's good to know that I'm not the only one that still thinks that these days. Graphics are really nice to have, but they don't matter much if the gameplay is complete crap.

I think it will be worth checking out, but it's not high up on my most wanted games list.

Sarick3497d ago

Today, people tend to forget that jrpgs are mostly about the gameplay, character personalities and the story. Sure having eye candy helps, but not everyone is playing for pure eye candy. I checked some of these screenshots and I'd be thrilled to play this game.

If people want an RPG that is a FPS then choose fallout or Oblivion. These old school games are no different then early FF games that die hard RPG fans played for hours on end.

JRPGS are more about the story and character development then graphics. If I recall FFVII during most parts of the game used pre-drawn backdrops with poor hideous looking character frames. Today people still request a remake for the FF7 game. The most memorable parts of the game are related to the story and movie sequences to me.

If the game is fun and has great artwork cell shaded etc. I don't care so much unless the gameplay and story is bad. Remember, some of us played RPGS with 8 bit graphics and those where just as enjoyable as reading a good book.

If I still haven't made my point consider a good RPG like a paperback book without any pictures. A good book doesn't need super high quality illustrations to be exciting. The mindset that pure eye candy is necessary for every game seems shallow at best IMO.

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vegnadragon3498d ago

I don't mind 2d game, but if you are on the ps3, try using 1080p 2d sprite, i think people should pay morea atention on sf hd remix.

Dannagar3498d ago

Who says it's not using 1080p?

TOSgamer3498d ago

Any takers? I bet those are low res sprites even if they will be upscaled they will still look blurry. You can easy tell the difference when you look at the character portraits which ARE done in HD compared to the gameplay screen shots.

The_EE_God3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

1080p 2D sprites?! You want a sprite that uses 33 MBs of RAM? Are you nuts?!

EDIT: oh and the 33 MBs are for one sheet of 1920*1080*4(32-bits). So for a fluid animation that would be ... overkill in every sense of the word.

And don't even think about using jpg images. Those are TERRIBLE for real time systems.

kazuma3498d ago

i too hope it comes out, there has been a handful of games that never saw an us release like namco x capcom, super robot wars...those japanese guys want their rpgs all to themselves!

still waiting for that final release of the namco x capcom fan translation!!

The gaming GOD3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

The REALLY niche rpgs hardly ever come stateside. But I'll still have hope lol

I was kinda shocked when Chaos Wars actually came to the U.S.

Edit- Kazuma, I think the translation for that game was already completed. It was shared on one of those chan boards a few months back I think

kazuma3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

as far as i know, it's still a beta v2, it's not really final, they've translated the majority of the game, it's just that i'm waiting for the final release if it ever comes out. i already grabbed the beta if they stop the translation...i can play it =D
here's the site

also, yeah chaos wars was really unexpected, but o3 entertainment is a cool publisher, they managed to bring chaos field to america, almost did it with radilgy, and now they've done it again with chaos wars! let's hope they continue this trend. ^^

The_EE_God3498d ago

That only deaf people appreciate. Once you go deaf, the game is fairly enjoyable.

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hunter213498d ago

well im a rpg lover but common i know ps3 can deliever a rgp game better than this, whats up with the old school rpg's sony??

PirateThom3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I actually like the old school look of it.

Edit: I also find it amusing that people complain about the PS3s lack of exclusive JRPGs and then when one is presented it could look better. The SNES is the best console ever and had the two best JRPGs ever, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, so visuals aren't the issue.

Playstation Man3498d ago

SNES Best ever? Now that's one for the arguement books! I'm still holding on to the PS2 for that award! Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Grand Theft Auto, MGS, Ratchet, God of War, SotC, Gran Turismo, etc, etc. There is a reason that thing still sells the way it does!

thePatriot3498d ago

reigned supreme in their time, (ps2 still rules with the iron fist i some ways) You could both debate till the end of time and for the screns for this game? I will need some gameplay vids, so far=meh

kazuma3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

imo the best console ever is a tie between the snes and ps2.

edit @ playstation man : lol i try i try =D

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