Soul Calibur IV: All endings LEAKED

Check out YouTube user zookeeper52591's channel for every single SCIV endings.

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Nitrowolf23588d ago

only two days left b4 the game comes out

TheHater3588d ago

I already finish all the ending already :)
Kinda lame that the bonus characters ending are just pictures, and not an actual movie

Isaac3588d ago

Xbox 360 has too many limitations. First, the fact that it is limited to DVD9 prohibits the use of lots of FMV. Maybe Microsoft should have allowed multiplatform games to be on multiple discs. Oh wait.

SCIV is a fighting game, so you can't put it on more than a single disc, that would be retarded. Disc 2 for some characters? Disc 3 for other scenarios? No. Hell, they could have simply made the whole game on DVD and all the cut-scenes on plenty of DVDs, but again that would have been annoying.

Only on Blu-ray they could have done that, but microsoft's chequebook is too powerful and they would have blocked the move. I guess it's alright to make game on Microsoft's console better with online play like Virtua Fighter 5 (like it was impossible on PS3 *cough* Tekken 5 *cough*), but when it comes to making better games on Sony's console it's either Japanese Racism or unfair despite the fact that it was microsoft's choice to give people "choice".

psycho3603588d ago

So if the content is same on dvd9 and BD 50gb why are you blaming MS? Blame Sony for not pushing devs to put in extra effort to fill it up to the brim or rather why aren't devs doing it themselves whose stopping them. Its not that they make 360 game and put it in Game converter program to churn out a ps3 copy.

Isaac3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Says the guy that writes "Issac" (when it is so explicit that my name is Isaac), same guy with a "360" at the end of his nickname. Anyway, it is Microsoft's fault for gimping the 360 with a DVD9 drive, and also Namco's fault for being lazy f***s. Anyway, who cares, fighting games are not system sellers anymore, Sony better save their money to fill those 1st party discs, let 3rd parties keep the mediocrity for themselves.

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Nitrowolf23588d ago

question how short is this game?

TheHater3588d ago

five 5 per character story

Nitrowolf23588d ago

shorter then i thought
i thought it was going to be like MK does

psycho3603588d ago

LOL, i finished yoda in 15 mins straight play on normal.

marionz3588d ago

cool, wasnt going to buy this anyway, endings are a bit lame

jkoz3588d ago

Agreed... don't think I'll be buying this title either. Fighting games really aren't my genre of choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.