DC Universe: Just about everything known (so far.)

Though DC Universe Online release date has yet to be stated, many have already got hands on with it (comic-con). For those of you who don't even know what DC Universe Online is, lets do a quick recap. It's an MMO being developed by Sony Online's Austin studio. Its exclusive for PS3 and PC only. The game is set around, well, the DC Universe. Where you will see all your favorite heroes from Batman to Superman to Flash to Super Woman. Don't forget the villains. From the Joker to Lex Luther, the list continues.

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Lifendz3590d ago

but I'm a Marvel guy. I'd be really excited if this were in the Marvel universe.

The gaming GOD3590d ago

But I do want this game too.

I would have had to choose between this and Marvel Universe. But since that game got canceled now there is ZERO question as to me buying this game

Besides, this game looks damn good anyways.