Resistance Project Abraham Update. July 27 08

Resistance 2 Viral has been updated with a new video of the person that the majority voted for the injection.

IF you didn't see it there is a new item in the home layout.

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unrealgamer583494d ago

well i wonder if in resistance retribution nathan has a brother anybody have any guesses?

SPECTER3494d ago

is the military signup thing for the beta

ZombieNinjaPanda3494d ago

No one knows yet what the signup thing is for.

But everyone is pretty much guessing it's for the beta.

In fact, I think TEd said there are multiple ways of getting in, and qore so far is the only announced one.

But that war job is definetly for the beta.

peedie163494d ago

I don't think so I think you can only get in the beta if you pre order the game or buy qore

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The story is too old to be commented.