Blue Dragon: Two more videos

XBOXYDE spent quite a big part of their week-end playing Blue Dragon and they can now say that it's been a long time since They've had so much fun with a game.

Blue Dragon is an almost perfect mix of eyes and ears pleasure (see video), typical Toriyama silliness (see other video) and of course deep but accessible gameplay.

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Tempo4359d ago

i think this will be one of the more memorable games i've played...maybe have that lasting effect that LOZ: Ocarina of Time had, here's hoping

Silver Bull3t4357d ago

Well I checked out both videos, the first one (A beautiful game) was streamed in 1280x720. It was pretty lame.... a few seconds of your guy running thru a cave (underwhelming visually). This was followed by a boring sequence of him riding down elevator type baskets. The animations were poor,... no swing of the basket and when the basket reached it's stop it just kinda instantly stopped. The character was just standing stiff as a board the whole time, even when the basket instantly stopped he didn't even lurch foreward a bit. His running was also either ON or OFF, no additional animations to make it feel like he had any mass to him.

Don't get me wrong, I know jrpgs are "all about the story" and Blue Dragon seems to deliver heftily on that part, but some more time could have been put into polishing the animations I saw in that clip.

Some "Beyond Good and Evil" type character animations would REALLY help smooth out the jerky animation quality.

The "Let's Party Again" clip was just a cut-scene. No gameplay footage.... meh.

Otherwise a fantastic family friendly game!