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WhatIfGaming writes: "You all love Left 4 Dead as much as we do by now and it's definitely one title that's a guaranteed grab when it comes out November 2008. To keep you sedated, check out this interview with everything Left 4 Dead, and a little more with Valve themselves."

Really good interview for Left 4 Dead and with Valve

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cp683526d ago

After what they've done with Orange Box PS3 ( , i see absolutely no reason to even think purchasing left 4 dead (if it hits sony's console).

Real gamer 4 life3526d ago

Is left 4 dead really coming to the ps3? Yes no maybe? can anyone enlighten me?

cp683526d ago

Well, nothing's been confirmed yet, however i'm guessing it will eventually. But even if it does, i advise you to not purchase it...i mean just look at what they've done to poor Orange Box

Real gamer 4 life3526d ago

Man but i thought that they fixed the orange box? didn't they?

cp683526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Oh no they didn' know what they did fix? One and only one issue, that basically wouldn't let us connect to EA ONLINE if on the XMB we had over 24 friends or something like that..maybe 27. Now it's like 40 friends..and as you know, we can now have 100 friends on XMB..

Real gamer 4 life3526d ago

Man that sucks big time. Thank for letting me know though. Bubbles for your help.

TheIneffableBob3526d ago

Jesus Christ.
Give it a rest already!

SpaZaA3526d ago

I agree, Jesus really needs to give it a rest, what with all the miracles and resurrecting and walking on water and such.
I prefer my fiction to have better plots.

morganfell3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

My issue isn't with a PS3 version but rather with the central technical hook (not marketing hook) of the game in general. Michael Booth authored the Counterstrike Bot (as stated in the interview) and was a major force in Condition Zero (a fact only slightly referenced in the interview). I own CZ and if you played it then you know it is crap. That isn't exactly a flashing neon sign for design nor a promising proof of concept of immersive adaptive AI. Not what one would call a display of brilliance.

Advancements have been made in AI but we were told prior to the CZ release that the AI would learn how to play each map and "adapt" to become smarter and smarter. Adapt to the way the player performs. Sound familiar?

So until the game comes out I will paint this one with a little more skepticism as we have been handed this tagline before. Remember, "Fool me once, shame on you..."

But to mention the PS3 version, do not try to sell me a new product until you have made at least a respectable effort of fixing the last one. I personally do not care for anymore Valve products on the PS3. They have made it abundantly clear they do not care for the PS3 in the least. A business decision and a personal stance that will undoubtedly come back to haunt them.

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pwnsause3526d ago

left4dead on PS3 would just be the same as the orange box for PS3, with more lag, unstable framerate and ugly textures unless valve optimizes the code of the Source engine on PS3, just like how Epic optimized the UE3 engine on PS3. but we know valve wont do it, cause they hate the PS3. unless, UNLESS, sony does the same thing to what they did to epic to optimize the code, $MONEY$

cp683526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

You're saying the entire UE3 engine was ported on PS3? That's why it turned out great? Can you give out some more informations on that, maybe some links please? I mean so much more people would be interested in Orange BOx than in UT3, so why didn't they just port the SOURCE engine on PS3?

pwnsause3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

what I am saying is the reason why UE3 now runs well on the PS3 is because Sony payed Epic not only to bring Unreal Tournament III as a Time exclusive last year, but also to optimize the Unreal Engine 3 on the PS3. Remember E307 last year, you seem to forget that.

Now back to what I was saying about the source Engine. The Source Engine is a PC based engine. obviously porting the engine to PS3 has problems, hence the Orange box for PS3. Now, if sony payed valve to optimize the Source engine on the PS3 (valve built the source engine and licensed it to EA) Valve would do it, why because of the Greens man. MONEY.

But today we have the orange box, a lame attempt by EA to port a pc engine to the powerful, yet complex PS3 without changing the code to make it run properly.

cp683526d ago

So basically, to be able to get the SOURCE engine on Playstation3, Sony will have to pay Valve or Valve will have to pay Sony? And anyways, do you think Valve will accept? That's all i need to know now, thanks.

pwnsause3526d ago

im pretty sure that if sony pays a large sum of money to valve, im pretty sure they would accept.

testerg353526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Actually I think Sony helped Epic optimize their engine by bringing in a Sony programmer to help.

morganfell3526d ago

Doug Lombardi says that with the strength of Half Life and Team Fortress, doing a PS3 version was a slam dunk. Hey Doug, the only people that were slam dunked were PS3 owners.

He also talks about the wonderful team that worked on that project. He must have been thinking of some other game they worked on because PS3 OB wasn't one of them.

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power of Green 3526d ago

You crazy kids get L4D for your PC if you wan't to play it.

ICUP3526d ago

Better yet, torrent it.

solar3526d ago

good luck moron above me.

and agree with PoG. Valve games are the best on PC. this one will be great.

Obama3526d ago

For once I agree with pog, since I am getting the game for the pc. There's no way in hell I am getting a brickbox 360.

meepmoopmeep3526d ago

not interested in L4D.
anything coming from Valve to a PS console is something to stay away from anyway.

proArchy3526d ago

I would like to give this guy a hug for giving a straight forward answer on a PS3 version: Not in development, but still up for discussion.

SpaZaA3526d ago

this has already been stated months ago in a GameTrailersTV interview.

morganfell3526d ago

Half his answer was spin as he pretty much lauded the PS3 version as if it were a great endeavor.

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