Prince of Persia Classic Coming to PS3?

Last summer, Prince of Persia Classic came to the Xbox Live Arcade. Now, according to an ESRB listing, it appears that PS3 owners will get in on the action.

No release date has been revealed (or that the game even existed on the PS3), but considering the number of titles that have leaked in this fashion, it shouldn't be too much longer before Ubisoft pulls back the curtains.

Click the link for the screenshot of the ESRB listing.

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unrealgamer583711d ago

haveyou heard the news bad things come in twos but i never knew about the little things

dannyhinote_133711d ago

Haven't got around to seeing that. Guess that's why it went over my head. :P

devilhunterx3711d ago

YES YES YES! Now Castle Crashers remains my ONLY reason to buy a XB2.

dannyhinote_133711d ago

None of their other games like Gears or Mass Effect pushed you over the edge?

avacadosnorkel3711d ago

bending over for the 360 and ignoring the PS3 isn't going to make Ubisoft rich.

thewesker3711d ago

microsoft has buttered ubisoft's bread. what do you expect?

CNIVEK3711d ago

...yet another 360 game ends up on the PS3...a YEAR LATE. :o

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The story is too old to be commented.