Full Auto 2: Battlelines ZTGD Review

In the realm of gaming, there is nothing more satisfying than creating mass amounts of destruction with large guns and loads of napalm. Xbox 360 owners got their first taste of this when Sega and Pseudo Interactive released Full Auto for the system back in February, and now PS3 players have a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Less than a year after the first game hit shelves, Full Auto already has a sequel, but does it improve upon the original enough to warrant two games in one year, or is this simply a way to cash in on the current drought of PS3 software?

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Dlacy13g4362d ago

if they had included a replay race feature ala GT, PGR, etc... I was completely turned off to this game once I played it (first one..Full Auto on 360) and could not go back and watch all the destruction I just did in the race. Given the speed of the racing and all the destruction flying past you... I just couldnt enjoy it during the race. Would have been fun to be able to relive the race...especially a multiplayer one and see how your actions affected the race, etc...

Just my two cents ...

gnothe14362d ago

an it said that sega had in mind to build its games for the x360 but because of there new arcade boards that they use, its easier to port their games to the Ps3 instead of the 360. so is that why sony is seeing so much love from sega, not because they want to but its better for them, to get their games out faster!! full auto 2, VF5, are only on PS3 an VT was built by the main development team for the PS3 an VT on the x360 was built by another dev team!!! now I know why!!

JoelEH4362d ago

SONY got exclusive for Full Auto!!! What am I ever gonna Playing that game sucked....I would of liked to play VF on the 360 but Sony got that one 2.... too bad I guess I'll have to waite for DoA5 and Killer Instinct for my Fighters.