DailyGame's Best of E3 2008 Awards

The ESA switched the format of E3 yet again this year, moving E3 2008 back to the Los Angeles Convention Center but keeping it an intimate, invitation-only affair. Ironically, much like the fanfare and crowd were smaller than in years past, so too was the lineup of drop-dead-incredible games.

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NewSchoolGamer3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

In my opinion Killzone 2 should be better than Halo3 and will be better unless the biased reviews get in the way.

Killzone 2 is no longer that crappy sequel, I have high hopes for it now. Not only does it deliver in graphics but the gameplay looks amazing aswell and the same goes for the multiplayer.

I really can't see any flaws that stand out in Killzone 2 really unless you are a fanboy. Not that the game is perfect but it definetly won't suck.


Dark vader3712d ago

This battle of the fanboys is going to be epic.

Bombibomb3712d ago

*Flame suit on*

Seriously though you'd have to be blind to disagree. Graphically, Killzone 2 is miles ahead of everything else ever seen on consoles.

Dark vader3712d ago

Every site has their own opinion. I don't even know why my fellow gamer take there opinion so serious. Gametrailers said that microsoft had the better hardware, but this gaming site say otherwise. guys is all opinion and subjective. What good to one person is bad to the other.

Jamie Foxx3712d ago

grab me a pitchfork and a can of beer while your at it

uxo223712d ago

Need to protect KZ2 from reaching that overhype status, because if it gets too hyped, it will never truly reach people's expectations due to the hype.

We'll have to see how this one plays out in the reviews. It think the critical eye will be on gameplay and A.I.

Playstation Man3712d ago

Just for the flamebait that this is. That said, this is the be all end all game of this gen. Seriously, when Gamespot, 1up and IGN of all freaking major sites simply praise it to no end and you even see articles like THIS! Man, Gamesradar is going to look really stupid come February when they pass judgment with the big 6/10.

It's got the visuals, the content and the gameplay to boot. GG is about to unleash a true masterpiece that may not be a revolution, but rather a perfection of all current strived for standards. I can't wait!

CaptainHowdy3712d ago

*looks at trembling cup of water*
"No, no they wouldn't"
*hears the earth rumbling behind him"
*turns around slowly for dramatic effect"
*stares into the abyss of madness"
(with wide bulging eyes, looks into the flame in an awestruck voice) "Th-those sons of bytches"
*shields eyes"
"i am ready for you're mortal flames fanboys"
*wields gears of war Lancer in one hand and Krato's Blades of Chaos in the other*
"YOUR DAUGHTERS WILL LAUGH AT YOUR FAILED MANHOOD....have at it you lecherours dogs!!!! HAVE AT IT!!!!!"

Chuck Norris3711d ago

Halo 3 looks puny to anyone who has outgrown Power Rangers.

Heavy-h3711d ago

everything looks puny to u chuck

Chuck Norris3711d ago


Everything but Killzone 2 bro.

staub913711d ago

Even Chuck Norris is amazed by Killzone 2!

Tomdc3711d ago

this article is stupid.

Best in show: Fallout 3 (fair enuf)

Best for PS3: Killzone (fair enuf if they are going for exclusives only in this catergory but...)

Best for 360: Fallout 3 (EH!?)

so if fallout 3 is best in show and its coming to PS3... y isn't it the best PS3 game? they aplied that logic for the 360 best in show...

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dronde3712d ago

oh lord. I am not even gonna write what I feel in english.

Mezanmi o, poukisa yo toujou ap kompare Kilzone 2 ak Halo. Mwen pa janm jwe Halo men mwen konnen anpil moun renmin li e anpil moun rayi li. Bagay sa a bay anpil problem.

NO_PUDding3712d ago

Kind of pointless sicne we can't agree/disagree verbally with you now.

Infernus3712d ago

lol that's why he did it.

Atomic3712d ago

ya know , me too i can write in gibberish.

poopsack3712d ago

i-kirjain hyväksyä :D

ag1013711d ago

haitian creole huh ? lol nice one btw mwen dako avek ou fre mwen se toujou konsa men mwen still kwe killzone ap pi bon ka halo3 mwen jwe halo a men mwen pat remen l men li pat mal

newneto3711d ago

Esse jogo vai ser demais! Compra certa!!!

Cupid_Viper_33711d ago

m'pat bezwen on magazin di'm sa. depi le'm te jwe COD4 m'te deja konnen ke HALO3 pedi vijinite'l.

Honor_in_Armor3711d ago

haha, I wonder if they even understand what you're saying..

Torne kraze.

eagles19903711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )


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Splenda143712d ago

does Halo 3 even have Clans

Daishi3711d ago

No they ditched it after Halo 2.

whateva3712d ago

Halo was on top last gen for console FPS this gen it's a small fish in the lake not saying that halo 3 was bad but it's not even close to being on top.

Breakfast3712d ago

Halo 3 sales, will make Killzone look puny


Halo 4 sales, will make Killzone 3, delayed another 4 years.


Atomic3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

sex and the city sold millions of tickets , Wifit also sold millions of copies.
your point ?

Breakfast3712d ago

Batman the Dark Knight also broke records.

You know exactly what my point is.


Atomic3712d ago

crap stuff can sell as much as good stuff. is that your point? so we agree.

Breakfast3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Killzone 1

Oh boy, the list goes on and on.


Dacapn3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

You talk about sales as if you get to see some the money MS makes. That's what we call a fanboy. You gain nothing except anonymous bragging rights on a website? Enjoy.

Halo is average. It doesn't represent quality gaming. It represents good marketing. I could care less how many copies a game sells. I care about how good the game is. Halo 3 was average, and it sold like hotcakes...good for MS, but not for me cuz it's not worth 60 bucks. COD4 didn't sell as many copies, but I don't care. COD4 was a waaaaay better game than Halo 3. Killzone 2 could sell one tenth as much as Halo 3 and it really doesn't matter to me. I'd rather be the one dude that bought the good game, than the millions who bought an average one.

So can continue jerking it to Halo 3 sales numbers. Maybe MS will send you a coupon or something someday.

PoSTedUP3712d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

the 360 sells... (and it is truly crap in the eyes of a smart consumer) so your point is invalid.... sorry

but sales dont mean sh*t. games is an opinion.

and in my opinion killzone1 was a halo killer.

resistance1 for a fact had better physics, dynamics and graphics. and in my opinion it had a better story and better game play ya know.

ya know why halo3 sold that much?? cause it was the only game 360 owners were looking forward to that they "knew" they would enjoy. so everyone went out and got it cause it was "thee" flag ship game for the xbox. awesome... too bad it didnt live up to the hype. it wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as what people were saying. its a good game though.

on topic: killzone2....omg man, ima buy TEN copys of this game day one! nah but its gunna be a killa killa game despite the sales and reviews cannot wait till it drop.

Breakfast3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Halo 3 - 94
Halo 2 - 95
Halo 1 - 97

Resistance - 86
Killzone - 70


I wonder what made me a fanboy...


PoSTedUP3711d ago

look how pathetic you look with you and your reviews...... ; )

cahill3711d ago

by killzone 2's launch there would be 30/40million ps3s worldwide.
Resistance sold 4million. motorstorm sold 5million

resistance 2 and killzone 2 will easily outsell halo3

zapass3711d ago

"yeeeeee, and that's why britney spears is da sh!t man"

KZ2 makes halo3 look like a PS2 game, and that's why xbiotches get all defensive about it

Mr BlueScreen3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Lets say your walking around in a grocery store. Your looking around for something sweet to eat later when you come across a cake with your favorite frosting smeared all over it. So, you buy it and take it home.
You can't wait to dig into the cake so you rush home to eat it. When you get home you slice the cake and take a piece and put it on your dish. You say to your self "This is going to be the best cake I have ever tasted!". Even the label says it has sold millions to people like you, But when you take that first bite you notice that it taste like dog crap and old dirt.

Now the morel of the story is: Just because something has sold well doesn't mean its is good.

Now Halo may have sold well but it doesn't mean its the best game ever created. Especially when it was hyped to the max.

Breakfast3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Nono....Halo isnt the best game ever created...

....But its sure as hell better then Resistance and Killzone.


PoSTedUP3711d ago

the same game as halo 1&2 but with better graphics.

cahill3711d ago

both Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 are better than halo 3. halo3 is a bad game with bad graphics

dont worry. Resistance 2/Killzone 2 will also get 10/10 from IGN.
Both will outsell Halo 3 too

caffman3711d ago

then why is it still one of the most played games on xbox live?

Mr BlueScreen3711d ago

IF it is the only game you have its the only game you will play. No matter if it is crap or not.

syanara3711d ago

you guys are wasteing your time with breakfast I don't care if its the best meal of the day either hes a hardcore fanboy you can prove them wrong in ever way and they will still deny it like people who deny the holocaust ever happening. so don't bother its stubborn people like him who like to A prolong console wars and B be so stubborn to change opinon cause they can't stand being wrong.

just for the record breakfast even though Resistance and killzone werent the best games ever that does give them the opprotunity to improve I mean resistance was a launch title and insomniacs first FPS (besides disruptor which had different people working on it) so for it to be that good is amazing now go foreward in time and u got kz2 which looks amazing and resistance 2 which looks huge! and these games keep improving so many things in different ways like how R2 is now using mocap and KZ2 is expanding its online and taking control of almost all the features of the ps3. halo didn't do this well as you can see halo series got worse as it went on and i have no doubt that halo 4 will get even worse than halo 3 not saying their bad games but their not the best games ever either.

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MK_Red3712d ago

Another Game of The Show win for Fallout 3. Rather lame overall awards though, where the f*** are LBP, Spore, Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia among noms of major categories?

Playstation Man3712d ago

There are a lot of games missing. Hey man, I know you're a big Fallout fan. I've never played on before personally despite all my years as a gamer. I'm really on the fence with Fallout 3 due to a limited budget and time management of going for my second University degree. Do you suggest Fallout 3 over LBP/Resistance 2 and Motorstorm: PR. I'm a huge RPG (read my bio) but more of a JRPG. I like Oblivion, but not so much to play it for more than 175 hours or so. What do you think?

Chuck Norris3711d ago

If you had to choose, remove Motorstorm from the list. Resistance 2 will cover your multiplayer needs, Fallout3 will do the same for single player, and LBP looks so much fun.

It's a shame though, Motorstorm is an awesome game and M:PR looks better than the original.

MK_Red3711d ago

Playstation Man, Fallout 1 and 2 are considered to be among the best RPGs of all time and everyone who has tried either of them considers them to be THE best.
As for Fallout 3, I strongly suggest you to get it. It's quite different from previous Fallout games but also different from Oblivion. It's a really deep game with moving story and unmatched freedom. You can nuke a whole town and kill all of it's residents and quests though it will affect the whole game and the ending. Did I mention that there are more than 1000 endings? No kidding.

Chuck Norris, I actually suggest removing Resistance 2 because to me it looks pretty average (Singleplayer wise which is the only thing I care about). MotorStorm 2 has the excellent gameplay core of the original with 5 times more tracks and variety, not to mention stunning graphics and 4 player split-screen (Which is the only way I play multiplayer games, with my buddies sitting next to me).

I suggest getting Fallout 3 and LBP first since both are a must and GOTYs then buying either of MS2 or R2 based on your love for R1 and MS1.

Chuck Norris3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Yes, M:PR looks incredible and should have the best graphics this year. The gameplay should be excellent as well. However, Resistance 2 will occupy more of my time at multiplayer. It all comes to down to preference. I'll most likely get both but not at the same time.

gameraxis3711d ago

is in bad shape when best microsoft game goes to a multiplat title... and about the gametrailers best hardware... they gave lbp, killzone 2, and 2 resistacne awards over xbox games but then say that the 360 wins because of its games over the ps3, i'm thinking theres a little "evening out" they needed to do for the fanboys, it honestly doesn't (BY THEIR OWN LOGIC) given the winners of other awards, make any sense

Daishi3711d ago

Gameraxis, I believe they chose xbox because the games shown were coming out this year and KZ2 and R2FOM are not. At least that's what I get from it, but who really knows?

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