New: Crysis Warhead 7 Minute Gameplay Demonstration

An over 7 minute gameplay demonstration video of Crysis Warhead. It is scheduled for release in Fall (Autumn) 2008.

Please use view video link at bottom if video is not working.

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Fishy Fingers3710d ago

Gorgeous! Seems you can take a lot more damage than in Crysis. Unless the demo is set to "super noob".

Bnet3433710d ago

Who cares? This game is overrated. It's not that good, it's basically candy coated poop.

Tmac3710d ago

It's a good game if you can look underneath the polish and shine.

Shroomy3710d ago

Sounds like someone got angry when his computer exploded! :P

Crysis is a solid shooting game, the graphics are fantastic obviously, the nano suit helps in giving you a choice how you play the game, and the opportunities in the Sandbox editor are near limitless!

Monty_The_Great3710d ago

is amazing looking, even in SD. Would be nice though if they had it in HD.

panasonic233710d ago

the best looking game ever created

Defiantmac3710d ago

It actually adds different elements than other shooters do, and it looks way better than any other shooter out there, yet people rip on it?

I don't get it really, it would make sense if it had bad controls or the gameplay was bad, but neither of that is true.

Bombibomb3710d ago

Well. People like Kigmal up there hate on it simply because their weak computers can't even run the demo on low settings. He says Crysis is overrated and yet he loves Halo.