GameSpot Comic-Con 2008: Valkyria Chronicles Demo

Sega's Associate Producer Christopher Kaminski gave GameSpot their very first demo of Valkyria Chronicles.

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TheColbertinator3669d ago

Tactical RPGs will move forward with Valkyria Chronicles shifting things around.

Playstation Man3669d ago

I love how the game looks and plays. Must say, I also love the VERY enthusiastic confirmation of it being a PS3 exclusive. I believe that has a lot to do with the engine it's built on. If only Square-Enix could do that some time...

ExcelKnight3669d ago

SEGA actually tried developing the game for Xbox 360 before canceling the project and completing it on the PS3.

Homicide3669d ago

This game will redefine the Tactical RPG genre. With it's beautiful art style and unique gameplay, this is a must have for RPG fans.

Grassroots3669d ago

This is one of my top ranked games for 08! Looking forward to playing a stratedgy game, and the new fresh system looks awesome.

[email protected]3669d ago

Yeah, I agree with u. I'm SO looking forward 4 this.

juuken3669d ago

I like it a lot.

I'm gonna pick it up and give it a shot.