10 Reasons Why You'll Want to Cop Bionic Commando

It's no secret Bionic Commando was one of the hottest games back in the day. If you're a fan of the franchise you won't need to be convinced, but just in case you are having doubts The Konsole Kingz will tell you why they are so hyped about it.

1. The Gameplay

Don't get it twisted we all love the old 2D arcade versions of the game, they were plenty fun for the time, but the thought of swinging around in open world 3D environment with the Bionic Arm has to get you hyped.

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uckitsayitchbay3711d ago

game looks not half bad.. kind of an unchartted feel but who knows... also is this multi-plat?

Nevers3710d ago

from E3 really made this game look really really good. Looks a little ponderous on the movement but it's proly a little slow cuz of all the damn thinkin it looks like you have to do to swing well in the environment. I'm definitely keeping tabs on this one.