Funcom Investors Jump Ship as Age of Conan Founders

GameRiot writes: "It has been hard to separate the truth from the spin in the ongoing Age of Conan saga, but we're seeing more and more evidence that neither players nor stockholders are satisfied with Funcom's campaign of misinformation."

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The gaming GOD3641d ago

I never touched Age of Conan. But I was under the assumption that it was doing good.

Boy was I wrong

Bigrhyno3641d ago

I got to level 62 on my Barbarian. It was a fun game, but there just wasn't enough content to back it up. I hope to see them get back on their feet and make the game better in the coming months, but if not, I won't be going back.

angel199x3641d ago

Funcom just seems to lack direction in what they just want to do with the game, is why I am about to also quit. The constant nerfing of the already weakest classes in the game, buffing the OP's (/cough tempests,PoM's...), inability of patching the game without breaking more things than fixing them... the list goes on.

adalwolfe3641d ago

This guy is just whining because the game isn't perfect in his mind. You can tell he has a personnal vendetta because his account was banned, most likely he was constantly creating the same nagging complaint over an over again in the forum and the mods got tired of hearing it - americans tend to believe if they whine enough things get fixed - but in most places outside of america whining alot will just get you kicked out and banned. From all reports I have read funcom are applying a patch almost every week to fix bugs so how is it that they are ignoring people?? Gaute (lead designer) even posted in his personnal blog that they are trying to fix the speed of the female animations, the trouble is they have to change 100's of animations to do it.. All mmorpgs start off like this (buggy - with many of the core fans complaining/quiting) but they all do eventually get better. It was the same with WoW..

Chaos Striker3641d ago

This is a completely different case though. The stock of a company doesn't just drop 60% within the span of a month or two without good reason. So obviously, there is something going on that is putting the company and the game in jeopardy.
Of course all MMO's start off buggy, but losing the bulk of the fanbase to these issues won't help the game survive (for whatever reason they left). Hellgate London is a similar example, although the game suffered from even worse issues than AoC.
Additionally, about whining...ur really generalizing about a whole population, but also aren't there other countries that have this game as well? Or am I mistaken (not sure myself). Also, its not really whining, but more along the lines of getting what you paid for. In this case, a game that is suppose to have a continuous stream of content and consistent improvement with the monthly subscription that has to be paid.

Hadtosay3641d ago

The guy who wrote the article is full of crap. AOC has many people playing. I have characters on two servers, SET (PVE) and DOOMSAYER (PVP), and both are packed with people.

This guy has been on a never ending smear campaign since AOC launched. How this joke of an article got posted here is beyond me.

As for the stock, I'm not sure if people here are aware or not but almost every single stock has got hammered over the last couple months. Most going back to where they were in 2005.

Please note this article is from a WOW site.

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