No Zelda or Mario before early 2009

Destructoid writes: "Nintendo president Satoru Iwata realizes that Nintendo fans are disappointed. In a recent interview with SpiegelOnline, Iwata was nothing short of humble when discussing Nintendo's failure to capture the hardcore gamer at E3 this year. When prompted to respond to the sentiment of disappointment from gamers, Iwata explained that the reason Nintendo was not able to cater to the hardcore crowd was because of release schedules.

'We wanted to show what we are this year and [in] early 2009 on the market. We have [never neglected] hardcore gamers, and there are still teams in such games. It just takes longer [to develop] these games; they finish in two to three years. We could not bring any [hardcore games] in the beginning of 2009, so we couldn't show any at E3.'

If Iwata's previous statements about upcoming hardcore games mean anything, this implies that Mario, Zelda, or even Pikmin will appear eventually, just not before early 2009. All of this was prefaced by Iwata saying that the Wii's success was built on the premise of lowering "the hurdle" of games to bring along a new following. Certainly, while it may be exciting to get our hands on one of those hallmark first-party Nintendo titles like Mario or Zelda, I think I'll pass on the new standard that is WiiMusic. Hopefully Mr. Iwata doesn't think that the majority of us would like to watch Link walk through a dungeon as we mindlessly hit "A" to simulate discovery."

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irchief3710d ago

im holding on to my wii, assuming another gem like boom blox will happen again, but if not, im gonna sell it


its been fun mario kart machine.

Smacktard3710d ago

Ever heard of Little King's Story? Or de Blob? Or Oboro Muramasa Youtouden? (I'm guessing you probably haven't heard of the last one, at least). They all look great.

jeffaustin903710d ago

Why do people not have patience anymore? There's more to life than video games you know. Just wait it out, Nintendo will give you your Mario/Zelda. It just takes time. I don't see YOU making video games. So for those of you who are so damn impatient, I say sit down, shut up, and just wait it out. There's a world of stuff for you to do in the next 2 years, don't waste it complaining about things that don't really matter.

SnakeShady3710d ago

6 month without mario or zelda.

BrotherNick3710d ago

Lol...Full Fledged Mario/zelda/metroid games take around 3 years to make, they did all this in 2, relax...

DA_SHREDDER3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

he talks as if Nintendo makes real next gen games or something. I dont see how Guerilla can make a game as good as Killzone 2 in 3 years, and it takes nintendo as long just to make a last gen Mario game. Dont get me wrong, I love Mario and Zelda,, but it shouldnt take over a year to make either one of those games. Just look at Insomniac. They make 2 AAA titles a year.

Smacktard3710d ago

Cause they put time and dedication into their games. Instead of just another "Hay! Platforman' with Ratchet and Clank again! %D"

ChickeyCantor3710d ago

I guess you also wonder why his game score high........

tgh machines3710d ago

KIllzone was announced in 2005 and prob started development in 2004 and is being in released in 2009, how is that 3 years?

ps.I'm not saying that Killzone 2 is bad or anything it looks amazing.

Tyrael3710d ago

Nintendo needs a new franchise. Mario and Zelda are great but I'm not 12 anymore...

ChickeyCantor3710d ago

Then look somewhere else?
Its so sad that people think that its for 12 years and younger only.
Saying that just sounds pathetic.

Tyrael3710d ago

I didn't say they were for 12 year olds only, that's why I still play them. But it doesn't take anything to make anime style graphics...what I'm saying is that Nintendo needs to make a graphically real franchise that appeals more to adults.

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