Saints Row 2 Msxbox-World preview - could this Topple GTA IV?

Msxbox-World asks the question whether Volition's efforts can actually topple GTA IV as many gamers were left a little underwhelmed with Rockstar's efforts despite the huge praise it received from the gaming press?

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Tmac3588d ago

I was sorely disappointed with GTA 4, I might rent this game before I decide to put down money on it.

MazzingerZ3587d ago

Agree. At this point it doesn't sound impossible for a game to topple GTAIV, they went multiplatform and hurted the quality of the final wasn't a game like Oblivion, Gears, COD4 or MGS4 if you ask me... a game that you see there on the top and putting the bar high for the other developers.

ShadesMoolah3588d ago

I think there's a general sentiment that once the honeymoon period wore off GTA IV was pretty barren, especially once you'd beaten the game, and in comparison to San Andreas. I also think GTA IV perhaps took itself a little too seriously in creating a more realistic slant and forgot about the fun factor - although the multiplayer made up for this to a certain degree.

I thought (like many others) SAints Row was a darn good game for what is was, and that Volition should be able to improve upon what they accomplished.

TOSgamer3588d ago

GTA4 was fun while it lasted but once it was done there was no reason to go back. Plus the activities and the friendship system sucked. I thought the original Saint's Row was a blast because it didn't take itself seriously. The sequel seems to be in the same vein with more activities and much better graphics. Can't wait for this game.

NewSchoolGamer3588d ago

Rockstar I believe went completely opposite of what they actually do. They put quality over quantity. Now lets see if Saints Row2 can deliver what some of us were waiting for from GTA4

ASSASSYN 36o3588d ago

Saints Row 2 will topple GTAIV easily.

MK_Red3588d ago

I don't know. Original was horrible and this one doesn't look much better. Will wait for Prototype and InFamous for my sandbox love.

games4fun3588d ago

to be honest that is what came to my mind, after seeing gameplay for infamous i decided to buy that as my next sandbox title, i guess i'd rather shoot some lightning and run on the side of building and stuff for a change

did they ever release any info on the karma system at all? i haven't heard anything on it

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The story is too old to be commented.