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Jeff Rubenstein: Social Media Manager writes:

Since it seems a number of you do stop by on the weekends, we'd like to give you a bit more to read. Would you be interested in what other people are doing on the PSN; specifically, top 10 lists? For instance, here are the top 10 downloads this week from the PSN video download service:

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DarkSniper3669d ago

PlayStation Network brings you an experience to interact with the most mature audience and provides an overall positive moment for gamers. The heavy activity in the community shows that PSN is clearly where the future of gaming lies, not Xbox Live.


pharmd3669d ago

i have to admit i am a big fan of this, however i wish it wasnt 5.99 for a HD rental, i can get them from OnDemand for less than that, but this is a huge feature that i didnt see coming when i bought my console.... good stuff


Solid_Snake6663669d ago

yea 599 is a little much but you cant argue with 2.99 for SD

ActionBastard3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I rented an HD flick for $4.50, awful movie yes, but the price was cheaper than the blu-ray version at Blockbuster.

Nitrowolf23669d ago

dude at my movie store all BD are only 2.99 to rent
i mean i dont exspect sony to drop that much but 5.99? and only 24hours? i would rather rent at the video store

ActionBastard3669d ago

Where the hell do you rent? My Blockbuster slangs them for $4.99.

pharmd3669d ago

so its only 24 hrs?

man i was wondering, thats kinda lame, i would think at least two days, like for the weekend or somethin

Nitrowolf23669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

ever heard of coborns?
its a food place but we have a video store in ours (im sure others do to)
i thinks its only 2.49 for any new releases on any format, and 2.99 for any games on any system. 1 buck for old releases
there are only located in MN

i only rent from blockbuster when this video store doesnt have the games i want. dam the other day i rented a game at a video store and it was 8bucks to rent for four days. wat a rip off

ActionBastard3669d ago

With prices like that Blockbuster could kiss it. I rent from them online and trade them in store for more free rentals. Plus 2 free game or movie coupons per month (always use for games). $8 is beyond a rip off.

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whoelse3669d ago

A bit off-topic but Life with PlayStation was due to arrive about now. We haven't heard a lot about it yet.

i_eatbreakfast4lunch3669d ago

yeah very off topic...

however, i dont even know what that is....

StormSurfer3669d ago

What is exactly is life with playstation, are you talking about home?

ActionBastard3669d ago

Life with PlayStation is a partnership with Google bringing news, weather and happenings in the PS world to the XBM (similar to the news or weather channels of the Wii). It will be an app installed on the PS3. Funny how Sony has partnered with Google. The PSP and PS3's Internet search is provided by Google. Life with PlayStation is powered by Google. PS3 games are starting to integrate YouTube (owned by Google) uploading in them.

whoelse3669d ago

I think its cool that they are forming a partnership. I would also like to see quick access to Google Mail, Talk etc.

g3nkie3669d ago

Blockbuster is horrible. They definitely rape you with prices. If you live in a city, that's all their is, are Blockbusters. If Sony were to lower the prices of both the HD versions and the separate seasons, that wouldd be perfect. :)

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