Resistance 2: New Multiplayer footage

Brand-new footage of Resistance 2's online multiplayer mode. The video also shows the name of a new weapon, the HVP Wraith.

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cahill3643d ago
The final build might actually look as good as killzone 2. FPS GOTY 2008 for sure

TheColbertinator3643d ago

This game is coming along nicely.Just a few more months till November and I will send you guys crying home to mama when I own you in Resistance 2.My arc charger is loaded up and ready to go.

sonarus3643d ago

Yea it looks nice but its no killzone 2.

Vojkan3643d ago

Both look great so stop it folks

StephanieBBB3643d ago

It looks rly good but one thing that got me dissapointed was that at 1:32 the wooden fence didn't break when he shoot it with the GL... oh well I guess we can't have it all =)

IzKyD13313643d ago

graphics arent the only thing in a game, and by the looks of it, resistance 2 looks a HELL of alot of fun

Milky3643d ago

I saw this a while ago. I told you it looks good.

Tomdc3643d ago

I honestly cant wait. Looks Fantastic.

marionz3643d ago

ok lets be fair it looks better then the first game, but thats not exactly hard considering the first one looked nasty, dont get me wrong it was a hell of alot of fun to play but not a looker.

so resistance 2 is looking...average, i wouldnt jump in and say its a gears beater, or that it has any chance of looking like killzone2, its looking closer to halo 3 but still not quite on the same level just yet, the halo3 bubble shield ripoff just looked bad, characters once again look like lifeless plastic dollies, but still a slight step up from the first game.

textures look better, the first game was almost on the same level as the n64 as far as textures go, well not really but they were pretty bad.

overall i loved the first game, it nailed the gameplay and was kind of a mix of halo and gears, so im looking forward to playing the new one, but to praise it as a gears killer....not yet son

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midgetsanx3643d ago

The guy that was playing was just dominating.

lawgone3643d ago

Hope you're being sarcastic. I'm not very good but he/she was awful.

grantps33643d ago

yeah killzone and r2 are opposites

wich is kind of nice so that there is variation

r2 is my most anticipated game

Splenda143643d ago

more color then Gears 2 that is good to see

IzKyD13313643d ago

everything has more colors than gears 2 lol, my empty white piece of paper has more colors than gears :)

HeartlesskizZ3643d ago

and you cant even deny that lol =P

cahill3643d ago

did u see the california footage of resistance 2? Gears cant do that ingame.
resistance 2> Gears 2>>>>>>>& gt;>>halo3

Vojkan3643d ago

Does it matter which one looks better(KZ2 or R2) or is better overall? Both are on exclusive PS3 games and are going to own and guess what is best part? You can buy both!!! Dont have to choose one or the other! Just leting you know it.