HipHopGamerShow 7/27/08 Interviews with Geoff Keighley and N'Gai Croal

-Microsoft VS Sony The Battle Continues After E3
-The Problem With Sony Article (HIPHOPGAMER SMASHES)
-E3 Impressions from the HipHopGamer
-HipHopNews - Rick Ross Exposed
-Nas vs Fox 5 News (Incredible)
-LL Cool J New Album and Site
-And More………… Stay Tuned

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Real gamer 4 life3710d ago

I hope that before anyone comments, they would listen to the whole thing.

Vojkan3710d ago

I would check it out but i cant stand that hip hop ghetto talk. Or black raper talk. I am European so maybe i dont get it, but it irritates me 2 much, sorry.

Lifendz3709d ago

game show for the hip hop head. I'm not sure what was going on with the first minute or so (son is a zombie?) but the show is good and the guy really knows his stuff.

Lifendz3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I can understand where you're coming from but if you can suspend that for 5 minutes, you may enjoy the show.

And it's not so much hip hop talk as it is a NY accent.

marionz3709d ago

what the hell is a hip hop gamer? pretty sad really, guess its the only market for games like 50 cent lol

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Nicosia3710d ago

Hiphop gamer can i give ya some advice:The comments made at e3 are pr statements, its odd that you nitpick it has done this in the past also..i havn't heard you nitpick about that.

I give sony props to sony for the annoucements. But i give props to ms for giving stuff for 2008, even though 3/4 was casual stuff.

good show though.

panasonic233710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I agree he loves down playing everything ms does an make it seem sony is so superior to them come on he saying sony games better cause they got 60 player that doesn't even make sense.

egm_hiphopgamer3709d ago

was up everybody and no i'm nod downplaying everything ms does you guys here me brag about ms online capabilites over ps3's all the time but truthfully that's the main feature that they have over ps3. as far as articles go kaz said that when home come out xbox live won't be able to compete and what did i say on my show i said that kaz is talking way too fast because it's been almost 2 years and ps3 still can't compete with xbox live's feature set but most of the talk and articles came from microsoft and some other people saying things about sony that i felt was a little inaccurate so i spoke on it and that's why you heard more of it. everybody know that i got both systems and i'm not bias i love games man period. also as far as 60 player online that's important because the more you have going on in a game and also being able to maintain graphics as good as resistance 2 that says alot about the power of a console the more you can do the more content you can put in a game the better. Gears have only 5 on 5 but for that game it works very well because of the level design built around but what if you can have 40 or 60 players in the gears universe with tons of things going on and action on screen that would be even better. now truthfully more doesn't always mean better but it's all in how the game is made to make more things necessary you know so that's my take on it and as far as nit picking if it comes from sony or microsoft i'm on top of it . now do me a favor something that irrates you about sony tell me and i would touch on that if it's news worthy enough but i've touched on tons of things like the delaying of home sony should not say anything until it's offically ready and then it comes out and boom we have home that's what they did with qore they announced it for the first time and then like the same week it was released that's what sony need to do from now on announce something that's ready and then release and then they would start to get more credibility back from fans

grimygunz3709d ago

He mean its better in his opinion because he prefers alot more action in every corner. watching him play R2 you could see how much he liked it with so much going on.

Silver3603709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

EA was the main reason ps2 was so dominate last generation. There was no Madden on the dreamcast and that killed it. By the time the xbox and gamecube launched it was 18 months after the PS2 and Sony dropped the price about 3 months after they launched. So it added up to a cheaper console with more games. That was their winning recipe. Not saying the ps2 wounldn't have won but there was some smart business dealings that helped it out.

Edit It is nice to see a brother following his dream. Keep it up and don't intimidate dem folks do your thing

BattleAxe3709d ago

He's not downplaying anything MS is doing. MS didn't come out with anything new to show at E3 so when Sony comes out with games like Resistance 2 which has 60 vs. 60 online play along with 8 player online co-op and MAG which has 256 player online battles, what did MS really have to offer at E3 ?

Remember FF 13 is still on PS3 aswell, so in reality its not as big of a deal as alot of people are saying it is. Hiphopgamer is just reporting the facts.

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panasonic233709d ago

okay my bad hiphopgamer i'm sorry i see where u coming from now.

egm_hiphopgamer3709d ago

i can't wait for you guys to check out some of the games i got to play at E3 when you all see Home, Killzone 2, little big planet, prince of persia, gears 2, and project origin, i think you are gonna go broke on game systems dog for real there's alot of great stuff out there so check it out also there's a rumor that the 40gig is dropping to 350 instead of being phased out so keep ya eyes peeled i'm a try to get the scoop on that aight 1luv everybody and also what did you guys think of the intro this week

uxo223709d ago

Yo, I like the show, was pretty entertaining. However, you do have a bit of a bias slant toward Sony. You may own both consoles, but you are still a bit sony biased, which is cool, you just need to admit it.

This "real exclusive" line that Sony is using is not as big a deal as you guys would like people to believe. The xbox is competing with the PS3 and the wii. Therefore, if a game is coming out on the 360 and the PC, as far as the PS3 & wii are concerned it's an exclusive for the 360. Gears and Fable2 are "real exclusives" (The only console that they can be played on is the 360.) Yet, you never mentioned them when you were doing your "real exclusives" spill.

You gave counter arguments against Don from microsoft, yet you didn't give counters to the sony argument. If you going to be taken as an unbiased journalist, then you can't do pros for one company while doing cons for the other.

You did a lot of boasting about future PS3 titles, that although sound great are not playable and therefore should not be counted and great just yet. (i.e. MAG, GOW3, INFAMOUS, etc) We made that mistake in the past with lair, let learn from it.

Your argument about how many PS3s would have sold if they were at the same price as the 360 is an invalid argument. You cannot win a debate using "what if's" as your basis. Because I could counter with what if the 360 never had RROD issues, and launched at 175.00 for the pro unit, came with a 250 gig HD and had an HDDVD player build in. Do you not thing that would have changed the position the gaming market is currently in today? That argument is irrelevant because that's NOT what "did" happen. So let's compare them as they are today.

Don't blame all PS3 games not having trophies on lazy developers, blame it on sony for not having trophies from launch and not making them mandatory.

Good show who overall though, I enjoyed it. Also, if you are planning to go mainstream someday. You may want to consider, drastically reducing the slain. See comment - 1.1 above.

These are just my observations. I hope you continue to do well.

The Wood3709d ago

he's said it many times. preference does not always equal bias.

Premonition3709d ago

@uxo22 I guess you dont watch all his shows cause he does state he prefers the PS3 over the 360 but still likes both systems.

BattleAxe3709d ago

Great intro, that zombie stuff was funny as hell. You can definately spit some rhymes. Peace

uxo223709d ago

Guys, by all means, don't miss interpret what I am saying. I already know he prefers the PS3; even had he not said it in previous shows. It's pretty obvious which system he prefers.

The point I was trying to make was, he likes to say that he isn't bias and likes both systems. And that may be true, (although I don't buy it.) but his actions doesn't support his statement.

He mention what Don from Microsoft said, then he went on to make up his own argument against Don's comments. But he had supporting comments for what peter dille had to say, hell he even went into his own supporting argument to ensure everyone else say it Dille's way.

Also his argument about sony having to support 3 systems, is completely irrelavant. Does he think that Sony and MS both are limited to 10 engineers to support their consoles and sony is splitting theirs 3-3-4 while MS is putting 10 on the 360. Sony hires people to work on their consoles, and they hire as many as they need to get the job done; as do Microsoft. Supporting the PSP and the PS2 does not hinder Sony's ability to support the PS3 in any way. It's not just this episode, HHG is this way all the time.

I have no problem with HHG preferring one console over another, just don't try to come off as neutral/unbiased and then present your show the way you do. It's not even difficult to see his biasness. I had a friend over that rarely plays video games and asked him to watch the show with me. Within 5 minutes of the show beginning he asked me if HHG show was a Sony viral video. I told him I don't think so and that HHG claims to be unbiased, and he just started cracking up and shaking his head as to say "YEAH RIGHT".

Don't get me wrong, I like the HHG show, because he does have some good subject matter. I just want him to stop saying that he is not Sony Biased. That's all. Even if he admitted it, I would still watch the show, because I like watching him do his

Hell, I look forward to his intros.

Vavoom3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

After reading your comment I had to see this HHG show for myself. I must admit I totally agree. There is no way this guy is not biased. He also kept asking people which presentation they like best as if to solicit a point for Sony. I also agree that there's nothing wrong with being biased as long as you're willing to let people know what you're about up front. This way when you say something that they think is whack, they don't even have to question your loyalities.

I agree 100 percent. You made some excellent points.

EDIT: BTW, nice intro spit HHG. I diggin' it.

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