Wii game used as research tool

The Ohio AP reports: Sweat drips down Renee Mershon-Wollerman's face as she eyes a boxer across the ring.

She ducks left, punches. Her opponent, a Japanese amateur, throws an uppercut. Mershon-Wollerman counters. Jab. Right hook. Her opponent hits the canvas and doesn't get up.

Mershon-Wollerman goes to a neutral corner, but there are no high-fives, no celebration. Just a simple request from her trainer, Kristen Perusek: Pause the video game for a second and rate yourself on an exercise exertion scale.

Perusek and five other Cleveland State University students received a $6,000 grant from the school to conduct research this summer on how technology can help increase physical activity, especially among children. The students recently focused on how a Nintendo Wii boxing video game compares with a boxing bag workout.

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Lelouch V Brit3706d ago

wow, Surprise!!! wii attack again, another useless tool.

ManOnFire3706d ago

6000 dallor grant for that ? Thats a bit surprising to me.