Nintendo Triumphant: And Why It Scares Me

N-Europe's Iun Hockley writes:

"The DS was Nintendo's biggest gamble in years: up against the PSP which is a much more powerful multimedia machine, the DS was expected by the industry to be an out and out failure. Even the company pitched it as the "Third Pillar" alongside the Game Boy Advance and the GameCube. It was supposed to be another string to the bow and a kind of stop gap between the GBA and the Game Boy Next, or Game Boy Evolution, or the Game Boy Revolution or even the Game Boy Superior. Whatever. The fact is that Nintendo could not have anticipated the success of the machine – its flagship title was a rehash of a game that was released as a system seller on another machine. Ridiculous.

Despite the derision of insiders, the out and out abhorrence of retailers and the general indifference of the gaming public, the machine became a best seller overnight. No longer was it a third pillar to the ageing GBA or the under-performing GameCube, it was THE pillar on which the triumphal arch of gaming's future had to be built.

Then along comes the Wii: tiny when compared not only in size to its rivals but also in terms of power. With a revolutionary control system that was derided as much as the touch screen on the DS, critics and rivals were already sharpening their knives."

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incogneato3707d ago

nintendo is dead to me. and i used to be one of their biggest fans.

ChickeyCantor3707d ago

Its amazing that you are willing to miss out some games =D.
O well have fun on your funeral.

Panthers3707d ago

No games to miss out on but SSBB and I have melee. Same thing.

JsonHenry3707d ago

I bought a Wii... and I wish I hadn't. I played all the decent games. Actually bought SSBB, but I have come to HATE the motion control. I just really don't like it. Not accurate enough and too repetitive to be fun.

Now my 360, my PS3. and my gaming PC on the other hand have been nothing but a joy to me. Even though the first year or so I owned my PS3 I wish I had waited to buy it because of lack of games. But now I am more than happy with it.

Baka-akaB3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I want them to perform well , especially after the gc wich deserved better from the customers and 3rd party publishers ... stil i dont like them performing THAT WELL with so little care and effort in the production of their games .

brawl , M Kart , Galaxy , zelda , metroid etc are top notch . However more effort such be put intot he graphics and quality of their casual titles and most 3rd party titles .
Mii subpar graphics everywhere , and cheap dirt ps2 looking titles everywhere ? Come on .

Casual shouldnt mean feeding crap to people .. but what can you do when even they are lapping it up ? And when that happens is there even any hope for major improvement ?

they need some failures or to feel some heat to get in gear and start polishing EVERY titles , not just their mario and zelda stuff .

Covenant3707d ago

Never, ever count Nintendo out.

Isaac3707d ago

I'm counting them out of my relatively big niche market.

Atomic3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Nintendo should be banned from E3 next year , i don't think they are in the gaming industry anymore , they should go to the kids&toys expo , that's the right place for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.