Does the Game Industry want E3?

"Once considered the biggest and greatest gaming event of the year, E3 would be home to the biggest announcements, best looking booth babes, hundreds of upcoming game demo's and every major player in the game industry would be there; however, ever since the ESA decided to downsize the event, things have taken a turn for the worst. In this article will analyze what some of the major players in the industry think of the current E3 and if it's even worth having."

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aubradley3709d ago

The industry still wants E3, just a different E3. It used to be too large, now it's too small, there really needs to be some sort of compromise for a mid-sized show, at a new venue, that is open to the public for at least a day or two. That would likely revive this dying show.

LightningPS33709d ago

If I didn't know any better, I would think they boycotted E3 this year.

That's how weak it was.

gillman3708d ago

The problem is that the most people making the noise are the people that shouldn't matter. E3 should be for the small niche reporters that can't afford to go and make contact with every publisher known to man throughout the year. E3 isn't for the main stream, it is for the people that read this site, and others like it.

Lukatoll3708d ago

But not like this...

They have to go back to the old ways.

predator3708d ago

I use to remember waiting for E3 all year once in finished to see what happens at the next one but since 2006 its got worse and worse, I think E3 will finish and when it does it will be a sad day

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