Little Big Planet: What will you build?

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"The hype is growing and the excitement building the more we hear about Little Big Planet. The game offers users the unparalleled ability to create whatever levels they desire using custom items straight from the PS Eye or using many options included on the disc".

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buckethead_X3670d ago

Those physics...that creativity...please, just give us the game now. I dont care if you think it's ready, if it's capable of doing that now, I'll buy it for an arm and a leg. Really. *gets hacksaw*

Ogrekiller3670d ago

Hey, I'm only 18- sue me.

Fowack3670d ago

but in all seriousness i am going to try to recreate the sony e3 press conference presentation lol thats how cool i am.

RSX3670d ago

Does anyone know if you can give your level a custom back ground and soundtrack? Ill be making level's out of sonic the hedgehog 3 and super mario bro's, then il go through them with my friends
Damn i cant wait for this game!

thePatriot3670d ago

its about what would Jesus build?

Bazookajoe_833670d ago

As i wrote below, i will try and do some old school maps. Like the once me and Moses played back in the days ;-)

PwnShop3670d ago

They have set backrounds and soundtracks in the game to choose from, but i dont think you can take outside backrounds or soundtracks

kornbeaner3670d ago

This game is gonna rock. unfortunately I see more then one A$$hole attempting to re-create 9/11 in this game thinking that its "fvcking hilarious". You know no matter what people say, its gonna happen at least once.

Bazookajoe_833670d ago

Some old school nes games =)

Gambit073670d ago

I don't think you can just built anything you want, for example, something as simple as Mario Bros. coin boxes, where you hit it from the bottom and a coin comes out, wouldn't be possible or Mega Mans disappearing & reappearing platforms, that's what I think anyway.

thePatriot3670d ago

disapearing and reapearing platform could be made by having the platform move in and out of the level, Im not sure about coins but those fluffy glowy balls could be used instead and Im preety sure I can figure out some way for them to pop out when something is hit.

INehalemEXI3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Something like Sack Nukem Forever is what I will attempt. Or something to do with a Terminator.

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The story is too old to be commented.