Iwata: Casual audience a focus at E3 because of media attention

Over the past few days, Nintendo fans have been forced to understand that E3 is no longer a place for hardcore games to be shown. Instead, it's where new and casual products can be introduced. In a (roughly) translated interview with Spiegel, Satoru Iwata further explains why Nintendo decided to hold back on hardcore games at E3.

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ChickeyCantor3643d ago

WTF is it with the same stories over and over?
These articles are already on N4g =/

2Negativecool3642d ago

What "media" were they referring to? E3 is (or was) a mainly media only event, the media that represents VIDEO GAMES!

They are getting blasted in the "media" right now for their embarrassing E3.

I understand that they were trying to reach to a different audience with the E3 conference this year, but that audience has no idea what E3 is nor do they pay attention to the media outlets that cover it.

They should have geared their presentation towards the core gamer and the core media, period!

Big miscalculation fellas.

FantasyStar3642d ago

That's gotta be the most bull**** I've heard from Nintendo yet.

DA_SHREDDER3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

The reason why everyone is mad at Nintendo is because they didnt even mention those games at E3. It was all about the casual,, and you know what? Thats just not enough for me. I want more than Mario and Zelda,, I want something new,, something that makes it feel like its worth having a Wii anymore. But they still insist that the casual gamer is more important then people like me, who have spent probably over 10,000 dollars on Nintendo games since the 80's. Thats why tommorow, Im selling my Wii for a psp, some games along with it, and $200 bucks. At least I can play Crisis core and god of war on it,,,

I can say that I'm pretty much done with Nintendo, which really sucks. I used to eat, breath, sh*t, breath, drink, wear everything that was Nintendo. I've seen my favorite franchises go down the drain because they lost their magic, and now they are all about money. Yes, I understand that this is a business, these companies gotta make money right? But its not like they are having trouble making ends meet. The video game industry is thriving despite our economy going into what most would call a recession. They make billions of dollars every year. Would it really kill them to give the consumers just a little of what they want? Do I have to play Mario for the rest of my life? Actually I dont, because unlike most of you, I actually hate being used and neglected, and I wont support a company that only care about the dollar, and not the consumer.

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