Miyamoto better at 'traditional' instead of casual

Finally, the beacon of hope for the Nintendo hardcore speaks. In an interview with The Telegraph that GamePro picked up on, Shigeru Miyamoto touched on his affinity of more traditional games like Zelda and Mario. He also even brought up the fact that the Wii remote may be insufficient when it comes to slightly more complicated games.

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name3676d ago

If only the wii had a larger community of fanboys. Then his comment about the wiimote might actually have been a big deal. It'll probably be a big deal at gamefaqs.

games4fun3676d ago

everyone @ joystiq probably thinks its a big deal

zo6_lover273676d ago

I've had my experiences with some Wii fanboys, there aren't as many but they have to be the worst.

ChickeyCantor3676d ago

Same is said about the PS3 and Xbox fansboys....
they are all the same =)

LastDance3676d ago

nah.....i agree..nintendo fanboys are by far the worst....they have no legs to stand on either.

no offence nintendo fun boys

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Kill Sarah3676d ago

what the hell is this ?
miyamoto sucks , wii sucks

Product3676d ago

Why would it be a big deal?

StephanieBBB3676d ago

He is saying that the Wii controller and console is made for casual gamers and people that can't use too many buttons because they are not that technicaly evolved. Hardcore gamers need to find thier entertainment elsewhere than the Wii if they don't want to wait for quite some time before they get what they want.

lizard812883676d ago

still sounds like they are apologizing for E3...

TruthbeTold3676d ago

They need to apologize, and get their act together.

Maedhros3676d ago

Yeah, this is almost certainly a response to the massive backlack they got. They may have the "casual" market as their main audience right now, but I think Nintendo wants the safety net the "core" represents. That they know if they apologise and clarify that they are, in fact, making the kind of games those people want to play, they can hold onto it and see less of the outraged "welp, time to sell my Wii!" from fans.

It's notable that the damage control is being done by the biggest personality in Nintendo and the one who gamers will have the most confidence in, rather than Reggie (who would make it seem disingenuous from the way he handled questions about "core" games at E3) or Cammie (who is more or less reviled).

PistolPumptMonk3676d ago

After watching himself on video at the E3 conference playing Wii music, Miyamoto was like, "WTF is wrong with me??? That sucked!"

Hopefully he figured out that Nintendo is headed in the wrong direction.

hfaze3676d ago

With Microsoft right behind them, with the Newton controller, more casual games, and Avatars... ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.