Cosplay Like You've Never Seen: WCS 2008

The World Cosplay Summit is by no exaggeration the most ridiculously awesome display of dress-up this side of X-rated. The WCS 2008 is currently finishing up the preliminary rounds, where cosplayers from around the world compete for a spot on the world stage. The competitors are not only judged on their outfits, but they actually perform a skit on stage in front of thousands.

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Twizlex3523d ago

That video was flippin' awesome.

Nostradavis3523d ago

How the hell is she carrying that F'n thing??

Twizlex3523d ago

Don't know. I would guess it's made out of soda cans or something since it looks like it is actually some kind of metal.

Nostradavis3523d ago

Yeah, maybe. But the more I look at that photo, the more I realize that the gun is the best part of the cosplay. The girl isn't that impressive.

Twizlex3523d ago

Yeah, the girl's face actually kinda looks like Johnny Depp.

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thewhoopimen3523d ago

Ok i'm a anime fan and I like to see people dressup in really well made costumes... but re-enacting scenes? That's just dorky unless really well choreographed and I know from experience ... most of them look ridiculous.

panasonic233523d ago

She need a man in her life.

geda3523d ago

IMO it sucks like all cosplay :(

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