Achievements: RocketBowl, Shotest Shogi, Shred Nebula

Console Monster writes: "With the release of Geometry Wars 2 on Wednesday, it seems the Xbox Live Arcade is starting to liven up. Today, three new achievement lists for upcoming Xbox Live Arcade titles have been added to Console Monster. First up is RocketBowl.

RocketBowl (or RocketBowl Plus) is yet another PC game which will receive the Xbox Live Arcade game conversion. The game is a cross between bowling and miniature golf in which the player must strike 10 pins with a bowling ball, but in a completely open area rather than an enclosed lane, with the other frames visible on the landscape.The list consists of 12 achievements worth 200 GamerScore and will have players working hard for the full 200. Getting First Place 25 times in a row on Xbox Live games will definitely prove to be a challenge. Here is the list:

First to First – 10 GamerScore
Awarded for achieving 1st place in a Tournament.

300 Club – 25 GamerScore
Awarded for getting 300 points during a game...."

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