Gearbox Wants to Make Duke Nukem with Another Developer, Because That Worked So Well Last Time

Duke Nukem Forever was a thing that existed, and now Gearbox wants to make another entry in the series.

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bunt-custardly1163d ago

Cue Duke Nukem Kickstarter campaign. Go on Gearbox you know you wanna.

ShugaCane1163d ago

I am surprised they even want to work on that franchise again lol. Maybe they should completely give it away to another studio, because it's going to be hard to regain people's trust after Duke Nukem Forever happened.

GigawattConduit1163d ago

As someone who didn't play any of the Duke titles, what made this one bad from the others? Besides the bugs, I mean.

ShugaCane1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Well, as the follow-up of one of the most iconic FPS of all time, it basically failed on every level. Graphics, gameplay, writing (okay, the franchise is not the most sublte ever in that category I agree). It's full of clichés (funny in the beginning then they're getting really lame) and the shooting is not fun at all, which is technically bad for a FPS.

Plus, the hype was kinda crazy since the game had been anticipated for years.

It's not a TERRIBLE, it's still funny some times but overall the game is really average, at best.

GigawattConduit1163d ago

Do people even remember much of DNF, aside from whatever the heck went on in that alien hive level?

GigawattConduit1163d ago

I think a Kickstarter/Indiegogo/whatever would be something they'd only do if they exhausted every possible choice for a co-developer.

GigawattConduit1163d ago

Because...people still care about Duke Nukem, maybe? Or they just need a bad game to put out every couple of years after Borderlands and assumedly Battleborn?

Kalebninja1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

That game took offensive to another level. That's besides being terrible as well.

jay21163d ago

I liked DN got the balls of steal edition, I'd get another as long as its next gen and pc.

1nsomniac1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Please don't allow Gearbox to touch anything ever again!!!

...especially not Duke Nukem. The franchise needs reviving from a respectable developer.

AnotherProGamer1163d ago

The Shadow Warriors devs should make a new Duke game

GigawattConduit1162d ago

Ooh, I'd play that game. Shadow Warrior was better than I thought it'd be.

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