LittleBigPlanet characters close up

Some new close ups that show some LittleBigPlanet characters.

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rootEXT3675d ago

Old Snake sackboy would be an icing!! Please!!!!!!!!!

wind_dragon3675d ago

Even if they didn't make one you can make one yourself.

FungLip3675d ago

thousands of different Solid Snake sackboys created by ppl and you'll have a hard time choosing one. Better wait a little bit for the ratings to jump in.

PS. This game feels like it's taking forever to come out. (Liked MGS4)

AngryXbot3675d ago

is truly a genius design. I cannot wait playing LBP.

The first thing I will do, is customize sackboy.

What to PICK? So many choices, so little time!
Mario sackboy? Yoshi sackboy? Kratos? Snake? Bowser sackboy? The Thick? Batman? Joker? Spiderboy? A robot? Alice? So you wanna go to da moon? Haha.

staub913674d ago

I like the sackboy in my avatar....but Solid Sackboy would be amazing.

Lucreto3674d ago

I would like an Amaterasu sackboy.

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babananaman3675d ago

this game is shaping up to be a classic. u got adorable characters, creative and innovative gameplay, and most of all, delicious graphics (take note wii). if this doesn't reel in casual gamers by the ton to the ps3 then i don't know what will.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3675d ago


Dyrastic3675d ago

This game is looking to impress. Can't wait!

Sheddi3675d ago

The one with the yellow outfit, is he suppose to be Bruce Lee?
When I get that game...god knows what I will create! but it will be good!

Bathyj3674d ago

Actually he looks like a mixture of Bruce and Kareem Abdul Jabar from Game of Death. Classic.

I wouldn't mind a little Wong Fei Hung from the Once Upon a Time in China series with his long ponytail and bald forehead.

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The story is too old to be commented.