GameSpy: The Many Faces of World of Warcraft

The line to get into the World of Warcraft session at Comic-Con wrapped all the way around the hall and doubled back a couple of times. After that, there was no more room; the line was "closed," half an hour before the session even started. Hundreds of people, or more, were turned away. Wrapping around the floor of the convention center was a line of people waiting in line just to be told that they couldn't wait in line to see WoW.

The popularity of the WoW panel at Comic-Con underscores just how big and far-reaching this license is. Not surprise, then, that multiple companies are snapping up opportunities to bring Warcraft outside of the PC and into other art forms. The occasional novel or comic has always been a part of the Warcraft lore, and recent years saw the debut of the trading card game, but an explosion of related products is on the horizon.

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