PS3 Home vs Xbox 360 new look dashboard vs Nintendo Mii

Eightbar Writes: "The Mii's started to let people created a persistent character when playing in a game. They allow a degree of portability, carrying the Mii around in a WiiMote to a friends house, or travelling around via the slightly over regulated(IMHO) friend system. The problem is the connection to others is not really there online, though is certainly there when all crowded around a TV.

The PS3 Home system promises to enable every PS3 owner to have an immersive virtual world experience, share content, provide game lobby brokering, win new avatar and room related things in games etc. At the moment the PS3 experience online is not great in terms of conncetion to others. The friends list is a bit light, just an icon and a sense you might connect with people in a game somewhere. Recent patches start to change this, but it is a long way behind in terms of feeling of being connected.

The 360 has Live, and this really does seem to have been an integrated community success. You feel always signed on and connected, in game, out of game, watching a DVD. The comms and invites to places, tracking friends achievements and a whole host of other things feel really good. The player pictures from games or from cameras work as an expressive low grade avatar. Of course now after E3 we know that the flat almost web2.0 experience of Xbox live is going to have the brightness turned up on it with avatars. It is a combination of the Mii and Home but will just be there in the autumn no fuss no bother. There is a (not very good) press release page here the videos dont seem to work. So lets hope for a smoother release on XBL."

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NewSchoolGamer3524d ago

for me HOME is the best but it hasn't been released yet. Out of the 3 Nintendo has the worst online.

Real gamer 4 life3524d ago

Yea when the beta is released this fall, it should blow away the competition. Home could blow away the competition if its done right. If sony is able to deliver on home then sony would have the upper hand when it comes to online. hopefully they will devliver.

kingOVsticks3524d ago

I never tried home so I can't really say its better then the mii's or 360 dashboard It probably will be but I can't say for sure.I personally think the mii's are better then the new avatar dashboard for the sole reason of playing your mii in wii sports,wii play etc.

xjxdoggystyyle3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

how can you say home is better when none of us (cept beta testers) have tried it...cant we just wait and see?

Ben10543524d ago

most Beta testers says that home is quite fun and they think its really good, and they don't even have all the features that have been shown so the Open Beta that better be released this year should be great.
Also, as much effort has been put into home as a top game so more reason it should be good.

ofx3603524d ago

They also say not a lot of people are using it. That could be a problem with HOME. Since HOME is a seperate application i don't see a lot of people on at one time.

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chasegamez3524d ago

Nintendo has online WHAT A JOKE THAT IS

Lelouch V Brit3523d ago

100% Agree, Disagree??? Fanboys Attack Again?

whoelse3524d ago

Home will win hands down. They long wait will be well worth it.

JokesOnYou3524d ago

The way Sony has handled its online strategy seems like they're not really sure about what they're doing....a few good ideas but the implementation has been sub-par they need to get with the dev's and build a concrete foundation and make some key aspects of online functionality mandatory for all ps3 games= like micro does. Wake up, Sony...micro is widening the gap by continuing to build a better online community with more and more solid features and services that are very well put together/implemented.


Apocalypse Shadow3524d ago

Live is still the cream of the crop....true.but......

The way microsoft has handled its console strategy seems like they're not really sure about what they're doing....a few good ideas but the implementation has been sub-par with RROD. they need to get with the dev's and build a concrete foundation and make some key decisions about making a better,more functional console mandatory for all 360fans= like sony and nintendo do. Wake up, is widening the gap by continuing to build a better console with more and more solid features and services that are very well put together/implemented.

see how i did that?


nintendo is still working on their online service,VC downloads and has yet to release HOME or microsoft with the mii-ripoff or new dashboard.

when they release all their features,then you can being a software company would "OBVIOUSLY" have a jump on the competition.but it's funny that so far,with all these better features,360 is getting outsold worldwide by sony and nintendo with lesser services and higher priced consoles.


xjxdoggystyyle3524d ago

what you just said...and all of your long fanboy rants are some of the most insanely, idiotic things i have ever no point in any of your fanboy ramblings, incoherent responses were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read your silly fanboy rants... i award you no agrees and may god have mercy on your soul......

incogneato3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Yea paying $50 a year (that's over $300 for the generation) just to get cross game invites sure is "cream of the crop"

Fact: PSN has everything plus dedicated servers, only thing Live has above ps3 is cross game invites. PSN will soon surpass Live completely with Home, all while being FREE. And having tons of options from in the game with XMB not just Live options.

games4fun3524d ago

kettle calling pot black

his fanboy rant was idotic? but the one above it wasnt worth mentioning or pointing out? who is the real idiot here, let me solve the problem for you it is... shocking, you too

Omegasyde3524d ago

JokesOnYou, Apocalypse Shadow, xjxdoggystyyle

Joy, your arguements are lamer than Power of Green "facts". If you look at hardware sales...The gap is actually dwindling.

Apocalypse- how are you going to give a view when you sound like your totally impartial towards Sony. XBL is better. But XBL is also 50$.

xjxdoggystyyle- You sir are the worst this site has to offer. "may god have mercy on your soul?" WTf is that? If you disagree so much, that your "disgusted" then why type? In the end your the dumber one for "wasting" your time.

Look up the word "hypocrite" xjxdoggystyyle.

<Back On Topic>

JokesOnYou3524d ago

ha ha, WOW OMG look you copied my post and of course change the topic to "RROD", lmfao.....basicly you don't have a legitimate response so of course your knee jerk reaction is to blurt out "RROD!", I mean is that how they teach it at the SDF club meetings?

Fact is psn implenmentation is sloppy, sony CAN do better but micro really has an edge in this dept, no BS just the truth, sorry it hurts so much.

lol, this guy is actually did a total for Live over its life cycle, give me a break....if you're really cheap there are ways to get Live totally free, ask my cousin.


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Kill Sarah3524d ago

where's home huh ? the new dashboard will be out b4 home and it was announced after it ... hahahaha what a joke
home is boring anyways ... u wanna walk in some virtual hallway to launch ur games ? no thanx

zenosaga043524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I guess the lesson here is that quality takes time, but you can release crap in a matter of months

AngryXbot3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Where is your ex huh? Hanging around with PS3 dudes, thats where.

Stop hating, she did the right thing by choosing PS3 dudes over 360 fans.

As for this topic, it is clear that once HOME arrives, PSN will be literally LIGHTYEARS ahead of both competitors.

And the article failed to mention the fee attached to XBOX LIVE. 50 bucks EVERY year, meaning that LIVE already costed MOST 360 owners ONE HUNDRED bucks of hidden costs.

Those are not pennies. And think about it, 4-6 years to go? Thats 200-300 bucks MORE.

You can buy a whole PC for that money. So thanks but no thanks. HOME >>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>>>>>>> & gt;>>>>> dashboards and Miis any time of the day.

@turd below
Ill stop talking about how your ex dumped you, when you stop trolling PS3 news, you stupid xbot. Heartbroken and angry so you attack something you cannot have. You are one angry little xbot! hahaha!

Kill Sarah3524d ago


get a life and get a GF and stop talking about my ex u loser

pwnsause3524d ago

im in the Home beta, so how does that make me HOMEless?

psnSkareFace3524d ago

it will cum out b4 home because its wiis miis

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