Totally360 Review: Double D Dodgeball

Totally360 Writes: "Double D Dodgeball sees you taking on a human or AI opponent with a team of drones. Each drone can throw or catch the ball at the opposing team, but the ball can only be grabbed when it's your team's colour or neutral, and can only be grabbed from your side of the pitch.

When the ball rebounds from your end wall, you can nab it and hurl it back at the opposition. Once you've hit them all, and knocked them all out for a spell in the sin-bin, you win the game.

Double D Dodgeball has been roughly hewn with retro styling but is reasonably easy to control, even if your AI team-mates can take absolutely ages to rescue you from the sin-bin by tagging an opposing team member.

The game plays a lot like a cross between Crossfire and Laser Hockey but without any of the adrenaline-laced thrills of either. In fact, at times the game happens at such a slow pace that you'll think you've been hurled back 30 years to the time when gamers countrywide plugged in ludicrously expensive sports games into the aerial socket of their tellies in order to watch stark white blocks bounce around the screen, occasionally making a "boop" or "beep" when they hit something."

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