The Last of Us: "This game is the downfall of Naughty Dog"

The title of this article is farcical, I know. But what’s more absurd is that this is genuinely one of the conceptions dreamed up by The Last of Us’ Game Director, Neil Druckmann, before the release of the incredibly successful post-apocolyptic thriller back in June 2013. In Wil Wheaton’s latest episode of ‘Conversations with Creators’ a handful of Naughty Dog’s finest discuss many of the title’s pre-release woes.

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ArchangelMike1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

It goes to show just how endemic stereotypical gaming tropes are in the gaming industry. I'm soo glad they stuck with their vision and didn't settle for what was safe and acceptable by publisher standards. It would have been so easy for The Last of Us to have turned out to be another resident-evil-zombie-apocalyps e rip-off. But instead Naughty Dog were able to turn it into an absolute master-piece.

Now go do it all again with that sequel. We aready know it's coming. :)

Lord_Sloth1245d ago

He will rest easy now, knowing that you agreed.

d4v03331244d ago

And I agreed to your agree.

galgor1245d ago

A sequel would be fine so long as it's not about Joel and ellie. Their story should be left alone.

WitWolfy1245d ago

I dunno, I'd say show us when Joel was younger, how he and he's brother split. I'd like to know how the out break formed him into character we know and love.

Chaos-Dad1245d ago

"A sequel would be fine so long as it's not about Joel and ellie. "

TLoU = Ellie, without Ellie no TLoU...

Thatguy-3101245d ago

Seeing how the game played it out and the story DlC I honestly feel that this game is trying to tell us Ellie's story. So it's easy to see how she will be the main protaganist in the next game. The first game showed us her character transformation and the sequel will easily built upon that.

Conzul1244d ago

You know, I used to believe that myself, but....IDK.

I've started wishing for a later life rendition of them, and the resulting role-reversal:
Ellie as the hardened, pragmatic hitter; and Joel as the oldster who's growing soft and tired and nearing his "second childhood". Could be like.....ten years down the line or so.

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AndrewLB1245d ago ShowReplies(14)
Thunder_G0d_Bane1245d ago

*Comes in with pitchfork and torch*

So.... Who's the author of this article?

Relientk771245d ago

I'm more impressed that you found a pitchfork and torch

Thunder_G0d_Bane1245d ago

Unable to take a joke. Hopefully you find a sense of humour soon :)

Moe-Gunz1245d ago

Guy makes a joke, someone replies back with their own joke, original guy can't see the replied joke. Lol this was funny.

d4v03331244d ago

hahaha this was awesome made me chuckle

nix1245d ago

Or in this case... *comes in with bottles and bricks*

rainslacker1244d ago

Actually suprised there isn't more of that going on given the title. Seems most people actually read the article...or at least the description which gave a good synopsis of what it was about. I was about ready to call out the article myself.:)

Cra2yey31245d ago

Last of us online is sooooooo under-rated. God i hope they improve it and try not change it up to much. Please get rid of micro transactions.

mgszelda11245d ago

My only gripe with the online was the microtransactions. Weapon packs op and over priced

Raziel8931245d ago

Hard to believe you played it much if you think the weapon packs are op, non of those weapons are ever listed when it comes to discussion about op weapons from the multiplayer community .

SlightlyRetarted1245d ago

Never played the multiplayer on ps3 because i thought it was just a thing they had to include. Then the ps4 version came out and i gave it a try because people praised it. Oh boy was it good. Stealth shiv kills, making traps and luring people on them, from very slow gameplay to full on sprint chases across the map etc. Just fantastic and something new.

And TLOU2 MP can be ever better. Maps that have areas with clickers! You have to use stealth. And imagine if you face an enemy in a situation like that. Are you both just going to sneak away to face another day or attack the other player and startle the clickers.

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Tzuno1245d ago

As a full PC gamer i must say this game is a masterpiece, i went to my friend house to finish this game on his PS3 when the game launched, amazing from start to finish, this needs a continue ASAP!!!

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