Play to Pong on your PS3 !

You want to play to Pong on your PS3 ? It's easy! You just need an USB key ! How to proceed ?

# Download the pack Ready To Use, available HERE.
# Extract the file (Winrar is recommended). You should get a directory known "AVCHD", place it at the root of a USB or memory card.
# Turn on your console.
# Connect your device on the PS3.
# Go now in the menu [video] in the XMB.
Check out the source for more information !

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Mc Fadge3708d ago

Few problems here and there, but it's cool :D

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3708d ago

The graphics are just phenomenal. Totally beyond next gen

/end sarcasm

Nitrowolf23708d ago

how do i extract the file?

Fishy Fingers3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Using Winrar or anyother zip file extractor. You can download the latest version of Winrar here (free)

Download the file, once winrar is installed simply double click on the download, winrar should open it all up for you, click on "AVCHD" extract it to your USB key or simply drag and drop. That should be it.

minimec3708d ago

You jst need "Winrar" to extract it !

Fishy Fingers3708d ago

No Trophies!?!? Zomg!!

(j/k obviously)

uie4rhig3708d ago

lawl.. bubbles for you lol ;)

REPLOID243708d ago

get a good laugh from you fishy!

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The story is too old to be commented.