Play Spore forever and never see everything

Destructoid writes: "At Comic-Con this week, co-founder of Maxis and The Sims creator Will Wright revealed a bit about Spore's depth during a large demo of the game. According to Eurogamer, Wright claimed that players would never see the entirety of the game, regardless of how long they play. Considering the nature of the title, Wright may be correct in that regard.

He then went on to debut 'MashOn,' which is a tool inside of Spore that will allow players to create their own comic books with both digital images and videos. The idea according to Wright is that videogames should be "tools of self-expression." The showing of MashOn only punctuated his point earlier during the demo, in which he stated that most games will put you in the shoes of 'a Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins' but Spore will allows players to be 'in the role of Lucas or Tolkien.'

Honestly, as time goes by, I've become less and less enthused about what Spore will bring to the table. Sure, creating phallic monsters is an awesome pastime and enjoyable to boot, but how long will you have to play to really get the full experience of the game? Regardless, it looks as though Wright is certainly excited about his product."

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incogneato3711d ago

I am also not convinced at the greatness of this game. I think it's highly overrated.

jcgamer3711d ago

Oh, now that's

sinncross3711d ago

i dont see much of the appeal in this title in all honesty, and this new development sounds lame. i can see the appeal, but no thanks.

hfaze3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

This title has potential as a "toolkit" for the end user.

When used in conjunction with the right social networking, it can turn out to be pretty cool...

I wonder how many Spore related albums will pop up on DeviantArt... :-)

I'll probably pick this one up just to check it out and see what all potential it has... I see a planet full of Squidbillies coming soon.. ;-)

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