Star Trek Online confirmed

Destructoid writes: "Awhile back, we showed you a timer on developer Cryptic's official page that was a bit suspicious in origin. The natural conjecture that this timer would count down to an official announcement of Star Trek Online now appears to be true. WarCry recently found two different announcements of the game, which go quite a way to validate the revival of the once ill-fated game.

The first piece of evidence comes from the Star Trek Convention site. The announcement is painfully blunt, but if you look at the schedule for August 10 at 1:30 P.M. there is an event planned called 'Star Trek Online Revealed.' Apparently, when it comes to videogames, these guys really don't like to beat around the bush.

Another interesting tidbit comes from the Game Career Guide, where Cryptic Studios plastered an advertisement on page 42 that states they are hiring for positions. Notably, they claim to be "developer and publisher of...Champions Online and Star Trek Online." I think Cryptic may have killed the need for speculation on their timer already, unless it's for a Stargate MMO or something."

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NegativeCreep4273708d ago

Do people still care about Star Trek?

After Voyager went off the air and Seven of Nine disappeared I was like "SEE YA!!!"

Voiceofreason3708d ago

Enterprise was a decent show. Probably one of the coolest endings for one as well. Too short but at least fans did get an ending

Voiceofreason3708d ago

It's funny this guy brings up Stargate as its been known about for months now. Sci fi channel has been talking about it nonstop during the show.