PSX Extreme Stormrise Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "There was a time when certain genres simply stayed with the PC for a variety of fairly obvious reasons, but these days, those rules are changing rapidly. The FPS has long since become a console favorite, and now, the real-time strategy titles are beginning to make the leap as well. Take Creative Assembly's Stormrise, for example, which Sega debuted at E3 2008 last week. Yes, we said Sega: we have reached a time in this industry when the same publisher that gave us Sonic the Hedgehog are set to introduce us to a new RTS. Some of you may be skeptical, especially considering the fact that Sega hasn't had a tremendous track record over the past few years, but fear not. First of all, Creative Assembly is handling the development, and secondly, from what we've heard thus far, Stormrise is shaping up quite well. Here's an early look at the next-gen RTS that might drag in a whole horde of fans that never even played the likes of Command & Conquer or Age of Empires."

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