PSX Extreme Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Back in the PS2 generation, gamers were treated to several action/RPGs that helped to bridge the gap between PC and console RPGs, and most of them turned out very well. Both Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance and Dark Alliance II were great, Champions of Norrath was super fun, and both X-Men Legends titles were mucho entertaining, especially for superhero fans. They all used a similar formula extremely well, and if you were a comic book nut and a fan of the hack 'n slash dungeon crawler style, you were probably a fan of the aforementioned games. Therefore, you've likely been waiting for another Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, which released over two years ago to relatively generous critical feedback. Well, you've got a little longer to wait, but the highly anticipated sequel is indeed coming for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and Activision showed off an early trailer at the Comic-Con event in San Diego. From what we can tell so far, things are looking good."

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panasonic233707d ago

Can't wait this game is going to awesome