Gamestyle Review: The Bourne Conspiracy

Gamestyle writes: "With games now wanting to be more like big Hollywood blockbusters it can mean two things. One, the game in question could have an epic story, scope and overall feel yet still putting you in charge of the action. Two, it could make the game a more linear affair, ferrying you from one story set piece to the other. The Bourne Conspiracy can be filed under the number two.

This adaptation of the first movie/book is very much holding your hand from beginning to end. Go from one end of the level to the other, beating up a variety of bad guys, pull off a few irritating quick time events, an obligatory shooting section. Oh, and they've thrown in an abysmal car chase section. In trying to make this feel like part of the Bourne universe they've thrown everything into the game including the kitchen sink and, while some elements are good, none of them are spectacular."

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