Interview: Publisher X and Capybara

Gamecyte writes: "Some time ago, we editors of GameCyte had a disagreement about the future of gaming on the iPhone, and whether it was destined for glory or a modest niche. Whatever the future may hold, a number of game companies, large and small, have now entered the iPhone gaming space, and are relying on the experiences provided by the many digital distribution platforms now available to gamers worldwide. One such company is Publisher X, which formed only two weeks ago with a goal of providing games exclusively through digital delivery, and they're setting their sights on iPhone games to start.

We spoke with Doug Kennedy of Publisher X, and Tom Frencel & Kris Piotrowski of Capybara, a developer now working under the Publisher X label, and discussed the highs and lows of getting your game noticed in a hot new marketplace… and how it stacks up to the other established avenues of online publication."

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