WorthPlaying Preview - 'Pure'

WorthPlaying writes: "In the beginning, when arcades were king, there was one type of racing game, where you held the accelerator button and tried to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Usually, when the brake came into play, it was already too late.

Then came Gran Turismo, and racing games became split into two official camps. One contained the loose mechanics and steering of arcade games, and the other sought to simulate the experience of driving a real car. This went on for years, with the arcade games getting simpler but adding small gimmicks, and the simulation games becoming more and more obtuse. As a result, there were few fans of both.

Over the years, however, the line has been blurring. The gimmicks of old-style arcade racers have been becoming more appealing, and some have even added aspects of tuning to the mix. Sim racers, meanwhile, are beginning to come around so as to attract more players. More terms are getting explained, controls are becoming easier, and a good time is being had by all."

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