The Super Special Edition of Gears of War 2 To Feature a...Lancer?

Brutal Gamer writes:

If you're willing to spend the equivalent of $130 for a special edition of a game then you're clearly off your t*ts to put it blunt, but being able to own your own lancer? That is quite a tempting offer.

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Viatrophy3674d ago

The only real reason I could see for buying this would be to stick the lancer on the wall in your gaming cave/hole.
Who else is betting it'll be rubbish quality?

Omega43674d ago

sounds just like the helmet from Halo 3 lengendary, hope it not plastic

ASSASSYN 36o3674d ago

What do you expect metal. Wtf are you retarded ofcourse it is plastic.

Nevers3673d ago

tiny .. and.. plastic in our future. If Assassin's Creed LE was any indication.

Viatrophy3674d ago

Do you honestly think they will make it out of metal?
It'll most likely just be another cheap piece of plastic made in china.

Omega43674d ago

Well the one Cliff is holding looks metal so i thought id would be the same

i can only dream...

Caxtus7503674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

lol @ Metal comment.

Bubbles for making me smile.

thenickel3674d ago

Hey that sounds pretty cool...I would like one but even more if it had laser tag features.

addison3674d ago

if it is the right quality, so it does not feel, really cheap, then i will get it

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The story is too old to be commented.