Okami sequel unlikely

When Okami was released back in 2006 for the PS2, it received stellar reviews. Unfortunately, in spite of the positive feedback, not too many people purchased the game. Once Okami launched on the Wii however, people began to hope that there could be at least one more sequel down the line, as the game was given new legs. Still, the ruinous situation with PS2 sales continued with the Wii version. For this reason, it is probably not too surprising that Capcom's Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson, is doubtful of an Okami sequel. "I think we need a lot more people buying the current version before we seriously consider a sequel." The one striking detail about this quote is that a new game wasn't fully denied. One would expect that when Clover Studios dissolved, there would be a 100% assurance that Amaterasu would be taking a very long rest. Based on the quote though, the fact remains that more Okami in the future is highly improbable.

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ExcelKnight3712d ago

While Sven said that, he actually meant it having higher sales in Japan as well.

With Clover Studios closed down and reintegrated into Capcom, it's highly unlikely that any Okami sequel would be worked on by the same team who made the original.

SaiyanFury3712d ago

Most of the real power behind Clover Studios, like Hideki Kameya and such formed their own studio, PlatinumGames and are currently working with Sega on something.

As for a sequel, the game, as great as it was, didn't sell very well either on PS2 or the Wii so the likelihood of a sequel is not very high.

sinncross3712d ago

Pity, a Okami 2 on PS3 would absolutely kill!!!

Kill Sarah3712d ago

Okami was a great game i really enjoyed it , it was fun
if they make Okami 2 it's gonna be an Xbox 360 exclusive cuz it's the superior console in the gen and Capcom hates the stupid PS2.5

TheColbertinator3712d ago

*sighs* Another troll in the open zone coming up.

Anyway Okami is a great game and its very unique.Maybe if it appeared on the PS3 and 360,it would do well.Too bad the casual gamers of the Wii did'nt pick this up.They are missiong out

Voiceofreason3712d ago

LOL Yeah typical hater trying to blame a 2 year old port poor sales on Wii.It sold better on Wii then it did on PS2 when you consider the install base of each console.

TheColbertinator3712d ago

@Voice of Reson I'm not a hater.I bought the game unlike many of you back in the PS2 days.If you have a Wii buy it.If not then a sequel might not come out.

Voiceofreason3712d ago

@stephen, if your not a hater why do you say things like "casual gamers on Wii?" As if they are the only ones that own the console? Whatever crowd Okami was made for it seems more of those people own Wii's.

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kazuma3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

no! bad capcom! no sequel!

honestly this game is just perfect, make something fresh just as okami, not another sequel.

Sangria3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I agree. Okami is a game near the perfection, making a sequel means a game at least as much as perfect as this one and in my opinion, it would deteriorate the spirit and the freshness of Okami.

But if like Ico, Okami benefits a "spiritual sequel" with different characters, different stories, different gameplay but still the same near-perfection-freshness, it would be nice.

And remember that it's no more Clover but Capcom, meaning multi-platform and PS3 hatred.

kazuma3712d ago

yeah i know, it would be cool a "spiritual" sequel to okami, but the clover staff has moved on to form platinumgames...and now capcom has the rights to okami. i can only expect the worst.

Apocalypse Shadow3712d ago

clover was closed down,most of the key devs like hideki kamiya(creator of DMC1,director of viewtiful joe and okami) are gone and are now at PLATINUM GAMES.

if capcom made a sequel,it most likely wouldn't have that same feel as the original creators would intend the game to be.just look at every other dmc after the first.i wouldn't buy it anyway just like i didn't buy dmc4 out of respect for kamiya.capcom makes a game where the star was no longer the star of his own game.

which was a slap in the face to kamiya.and the game came out and didn't add anything new or is considered cooler than dmc1.

no platinum devs.....NO BUY.


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