Console Monster: Pool Party Review

Console Monster writes :"The Nintendo Wii has received it's fair share of budget games. Some of these have been reasonably playable, even if they are dull and repetitive. The latest offender to hit the Wii console comes in the form of Pool Party - and it is a huge offender.

The first thing that you will notice about the game when you boot it up is the horrendously poor looking menus. Everything looks about as basic and dull as you could possibly get. The menus aren't even intuitive to use, requiring you to use the Wii remote IR to scroll down menus that are just begging to be controlled via the D-Pad or thumbstick on the Nunchuk attachment.

There are however plenty of different options to select from, a total of 13 different game modes can be selected, all of which are about as bad as each other. Once you have selected the game type you then get to choose what location you would like to play. Location options range from a basic pool bar, to a ship or even a manky corridor. Why on earth you would enjoy playing pool in a dull grey corridor with lights that keep flickering, I don't know, but hey, maybe they were trying to appeal to the janitor in us all. Oh, wait, you don't have some janitor spirit inside you? Nope, me either..."

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