Ripten: Comic-Con 08: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Interview - "Play However You Want"

Ripten sat down with Graham Fuchs, Senior Executive Producer on Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, to talk about some of the key elements in the latest addition to Activision's Spider-Man videogame library.

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Kratos Spartan3589d ago

Spiderman 2 was good. Spiderman 3 felt too much like 2, and therefor was mediocre at best. They better bring the pain with this one.

Nostradavis3588d ago

It seems like this game could be what Spidey fans have been waiting for.

Twizlex3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Can I play as a porn star and not save the world, just bang chicks all day? Can I do that? Huh, can I? I'm pretty sure I'd be a criminal if I had Spidey's powers.