PLAY preview Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon

Legend has it that long, long ago, far back through the endless mists of time, there lived a series of PSone games bearing the name Spyro. According to ancient lore, these games were charming in nature, strong in stature and varied in gameplay, earning 88%, 90% and 80% in the hallowed tomes of Play magazine. But there are few who believe these fanciful tales in the present day, with most folk dismissing the idea of Spyro starring in a decent, triple-A title as myth and folly.

But it's true!

Yes, recent archaeological digs (into issues of Play so old they shouldn't really be exposed to the open air) have unearthed irrefutable evidence that these top quality Spyro games did exist, and that the generic, uninspired, tedious Spyro titles released on the PS2 are little more than pale imitations of the genuine article.

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